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Saturday, 25 June 2011

I don't think you're meant to actually meant to sit on tha... oh. Suit yourself.

If this (it's not real by the way, it's plastic) was just at the entrance of a restaurant, would you be able to resist the urge to clamber on top of it and make a complete tit out of yourself as you make "Vroom" noises and pretend you are a member of the notorious Hell's Angels?

I've had to drag myself away from the motorcycle many times... Will power has never been a breeze for me.

However, one old man decided "Screw the rules!" and did what all of us wanted to do, but none of us had the guts to do.

Anyways, back to that later.

All of our first years found their way to registration!

Our children are geniuses.
I'm so proud.

One of the other first years did get lost however, she was adorable! It took me two attempts to find the right room, but hey, she just seemed happy to find her way back to the room.


Ms Hay was doing a presentation on a new course, which wasn't great news for Caitlin, who was planning on doing her modern homework for the next period during P.S.E

Then Mrs Anderson was heckling us into running for House captain. 
CAITLIN: You should do it!
ME: Naaaaah.
ME: I couldn't be assed with it!
MRS ANDERSON: Who's sporty here? It helps if the House Captain is quite sporty because of the tasks they wi...
ME: That's me out then.

Ate some toast with this amazing chocolate and caramel spread on it.

This proves that God didn't rest on the seventh day... he made this brand of chocolate spread. It's heavenly!

An example of heavenly food
It seems like it should taste
amazing... But it has wings.
Good luck catching it.

Lucas was a wee hero and gave me a loan of his bass guitar
It's cherry red! *dies*

So I was playing it for an hour or so, in the common room.

And when I say "playing"....

Well, let's just say this guy
probably sounded better than
I do.

Also, maneuvering around town with that on your back is difficult. 

The members of the general public were in constant danger with me carrying that bass around on Thursday!

Rachel, Sara and I attempted to hum the theme-song to the Rugrats...

On the crowded bus.
US: Do-do-do-do-do-do... DOO do-do-do-dooo...
*nods* We're awesome.


Basically, we were just talking about dissertations and reading some hilarious personal reflective articles.

The quotes include:
"I've been poked to death, and not in a good way."
"If facebook is the dude with the questionable hygeine who sits next to you on the plane and is voted most likely to end up in the newspaper in a story ending "...and then turned the gun on himself", Twitter is the charming and enthusiastic young student who offers to share her iPad with you during the flight and smells of roses and cloves."
Read the rest of James Rhodes article here. 
"Fast forward 15 years and Katy Perry is on prime-time TV squirting whipped cream out of her breasts, while the uniform of the world’s most famous pop star, Lady Gaga, seems to be her birthday suit"
"I’m no prude, but I do find it depressing that the charts are dominated by women such as Nicole Scherzinger, whose latest single has her singing “me like the way that he push up on me” (and as for the grammar… well that’s another column entirely)."
Read the rest of Bryony Gordon's article here

We talk about the weirdest stuff in that classroom.

Ms Sparkly-hat (as Sara likes to call her) is awesome, as is our class!

Lauren xxx

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