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Friday, 3 June 2011


I am sitting Highers. 
I can get a job.
I can drive.
I am Seventeen years old!

And yet, I still laugh at a door squeaking.

Age is but a number. Your real age, the one that actually makes a difference when it comes to living life and living an existence, is all in your head. It is a mentality, rather than a number.

Nice to see that I have the mental age of a three year old then.

(NOTE: Three year olds are actually pretty intelligent, so don’t go underestimating them)

Higher Art exam date…

We were so scared, our hair
changed colour.

I would have been more prepared for it if only I… prepared for it.

Seriously, an hour yesterday, six hours today, that’s all I’ve done since February in terms of art revision.

“Pffft, it’s fine! It’s just art.”

Just art? JUST ART?!

The most stressed I have been all year was as a result of art. I had a nervous breakdown because of that damn folio. 

You have to remember countless pieces of information. E.g. The iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch touch screen with a 326 pixels per inch resolution. It is a 960x640 backlit LCD screen, coated in a specially engineered glass that is designed to be 30x more stronger than plastic.

Yes. That was from memory. Can’t get it out of my head at all! It’s gonna be one of those “facts for life” things.

You have to time your essays perfectly during the exam. An hour and a half to write two short pieces on a still life and some sort of design that you have never seen before and two full length essays on two designers and two still life artists. My hand is so sore!

So it’s not “just art”. It’s the source of a huge majority of my stress this year!!

The morning was spent solely revising, eating toast and watching Bones. Anyone watched it yet? I was in floods. Love it when Brennan is vulnerable.

That sounds really evil, doesn’t it?

Somehow, I managed to retain all of the necessary information for the exam in less than seven hours. A whole years course. In less than seven hours. I do not recommend it!

Met up with Hayleigh and Sara, I swear we were getting shouted out by a ferbie… But no-one/nothing was there… spooky.

Seriously, no child, adult, cat, dog or ferbie was around! Just a random noise.

Liam and I are going to create an atypical zombie movie. It’s going to be sit in sunlight. Because it’s never a sunny day in zombie movies. Come on Hollywood, even Zombies like to sunbathe!

Getting bored and hot, (yes, hot. In Scotland! I know, I can‘t believe it either) Liam decided he wanted to go and sit inside. So we sat inside, and laughed at a door because it would slowly close and then make the most amusing squeak I have ever heard.


It was around fifteen times we listened to that squeak before we could hear it without bursting into laughter.

So glad it wasn’t the door to the exam hall… there’s no way I’d be able to remain quiet!

Kelly came in with a new hair colour… very nice but wow. So dark!! 

Kati was sitting in front of me, and she spent a solid five minutes trying to attract Mr Rae’s attention. 
*moves chair and taps pen*
Pretty sure she could have stood up, completed the Macarena with a tea cosy tied around her head and Mr Rae still wouldn’t notice her…

How rude of me, I forgot to mention that Mr Rae was meant to be invigilating the exam.

I could have went into that exam “Memento” style,  body absolutely covered, head to toes in information, and Mr Rae wouldn’t have noticed!

This is how Leonard passed exams.

Everyone’s finished exams now, apart from the Psychology, Sociology and Computing crowd… It sucks! It must really suck for the Sociology crew though, we go back on the 6th (my exam, boo!) but finish on the 10th… So I think they are disadvantaged by that! It’s a shame :(

Lauren xxx

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