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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Honey 2

It's films such as these that gives sequels a bad name.

Ever since the first "Step Up" was taken out, a huge wave of dance movies have crashed upon cinemas all across the world. Some of them have been better than others... this has to be one of the (if not the) worst dance movie I have ever had the misfortune of seeing.

A harsh criticism, yes, but nothing less than it deserves.

Far removed from the original plot, "Honey 2" focuses on juvenile delinquent Maria Ramirez as she focuses on attempting to turn her life around and become a professional dancer. After several incidents with her dangerous ex, Luis, and a brief return to her previous dance crew, the 7-1-8's, she decides to join a new crew (The HD's) and become their talented choreographer. Expect clichés galore... although, if you have watched more than three dance movies in your life, I'm fairly certain you do not need me to give you that warning.

I felt embarrassed for the actors... physically embarrassed. It's evident that the majority of the script was written by someone who enjoys to watch stereotypical black characters interact on screen. Yes. The word "shizzle" was uttered. Yes. One character "shook her boot-ay" whilst another hit it. Yes. A white boy attempted to be black. All of this was incredibly embarrassing and (even if I am white) insulting to the black race. There's not really a stereotypical white character in modern day films... why should there be a black one? 

That being said, I don't think a minor change in the characterisation would have fixed the problem... it was much more than just a problem with the writing. There was something off with the casting too. No offence to Kat Graham, but she was in no way suited to coping with the pressures that are attributed to playing the main role. She's a great dancer, but surely acting talent should not be substituted for dancing talent? She came across as rude and snappy, not to mention selfish. Maria seemed to be constantly making jabs at other characters. I didn't relate to her in the slightest. Or any of the characters in all honesty. I just wanted the film to end so I could get out of there and start mentally repressing all thoughts contributed to that embarrassing waste of film. 

Perhaps it's cruel to rate a dance movie on it's acting skill... after all, the focus is on the dancing, not the acting... right?
Eh.... wrong.
The dancing was nothing spectacular. They were all great dancers, and I could never copy their moves without breaking several bones, or my neck, but compared to other dance films that Western audiences have been constantly exposed to, it seems quite mundane. I began yawning. Physically, yawning. My mind started to wander, and that's just not meant to happen whilst watching "exciting" dance sequences. 

The plot was so full of clichés, if you took them away, you would only be left with the dance sequences. Seriously, they have taken just about every scene from previous movies.
MARIA: My parents died in a car accident...
A genuine response, from an audience member who has seen no other dance movies?
"Awwww... you poor thing!"
My best friend?
"What. A. Shock (!)"
I should be ashamed to admit that I had the same thoughts... but I'm not. The writers should have put some more effort into creating the plot... or the production company should have not green lit this project. Surely, it's not that difficult to mix up the plot a little bit?! Just don't kill off the dancers parents, until... what? The week before the major dance competition? Have the dancer become over come with grief and self pity, and have a dramatic ending where the crew help them see their senses and come out of their grief, to do themselves, their crew and their parents proud. Ta-dah. A different format, made up on the spot, providing a dramatic twist and a sympathetic character tale. Everyone deals with grief. The audience will be able to relate to the character...

Seriously people, that was made up on the spot. The writers get paid to do this job, put a little effort into it!!

Soundtrack wise? I'm sorry... it just did not work. When "Dreams" by Gabrielle came on, I wanted to stand up and storm out. That bloody song is the most overused song in cinematic history.

Hate being negative... but I was disappointed by this film. I felt cheated. I don't even understand why it was given the name "Honey 2". The cast from the first film weren't in this one! 

Don't go and see this film. Rent the first one if you are in the mood for a spoonful of Honey. Just don't go and see this film.

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