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Monday, 20 June 2011

He's so fit!

Don't you just hate it when you start saying things that are incredibly inappropriate just because your brain didn't say "Only an idiot would say that... shut up." ?

But, don't you just love it when the same thing happens to someone else?

That is called schadenfreude my friends.
It's when you get pleasure from the 
misfortunes of others. Think of shows like 
"You've been framed". They are the 
definition of schadenfreude!

Michelle called Lewis fit, right in front of his face.

I'm sure Lewis is used to it by now! Poor guy always seems to have girls throwing themselves at him.


Yes. I did just say "poor guy" for having girls throwing themselves at him. He's not interested in them like that. In fact, i think it just embarrasses him.

It made for a very awkward moment.

Know what else made for a very awkward moment?

Watching a man that resembled a black version of Mario bowling the ball behind him.

Yeah... like Wii bowling.

So he had to chase after it! Bwaha, best thing I've seen in a long time.

Which is not what I can say about my bowling "skill"... I was on really bad form.

But hey, Kristina knows why we weren't doing as well as we'd have liked...
KRISTINA: That pin is velcro-ed down!! 
Rightly enough, there was always one pin that never fell down...

However, that didn't seem to matter to me, as my ball hardly made contact with the pins.

ME: There must be magnets in the gutters too then. 
Lucas annihilated us all....

He said:
LUCAS: I got a top that says "Winning" on it... I was going to wear it tonight but it would have been awkward if I lost.
He needn't have worried, he could have easily wore that top! 

It was a really good night!

So refreshing to just sit down and relax with some friends for the night. We all need that sometimes.

Lauren xxx

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