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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Define "awesome"...

DEFINITION: 6th years in Kincorth Academy.
Face it, we are awesome. 

An Academy is only as good as the oldest year group, and in that aspect, Kincorth Academy is a brilliant school.

In every other aspect?

They crash and burn.
Is that an exploding cucumber?

I still need to write about yesterday, it was pretty awkward, because me and Sara had an exam, so we only went in for the first period. That and everything in our school has changed. Seriously, everything. It's not even changes for the better. It's changes that were attempted to make the school a better, more cost effective environment, but instead causes us all to burst out laughing instead. Fails are funny.

After I write yesterday's blog post, you'll understand why I no longer have all of my friends and Mrs Talboys as my registration teacher, but instead have only Linzie and pupils I do not know from various other years to keep me company, with Dr Robertson as our registration teacher.

Anyway, I feel very anti-social in that classroom.

Me and Linzie are sat up at the back, alone, and we don't speak to anyone else. In fact, we don't even know anyone else's name (bar Chloe and Callum). So I proposed to Linzie, a plan of action...
ME: I am going to learn one person's name, each day I am in this class!
LINZIE: Who is it today then? 
The awkward thing is, I decided this was going to be the case during the register being taken, so it ended by the time Linzie asked that question.
ME: ... We'll start tomorrow.
But then, progress! Dr Robertson called one of the younger boys by his name...
ME: Uh.... Rory. Maybe Corey?
Linzie is going to take the register to the office tomorrow, so we'll be able to see whether or not it's Rory or Corey. 

Call up Charlie Sheen, 'cause 
that's what I call winning.

Also, me and Linzie are going to come to registration prepared from now on... armed with a dictionary.
BOYS IN FRONT OF US: *to Dr Robertson* What does philosophy mean? 
DR ROBERTSON: Let's ask our experts!
They all turn to look at me and Linzie
LINZIE: Is that to do with Biology?

Calling Linzie an expert on Philosophy
is like calling this Toddler an expert in 
the field of medical science.
Ill-judged and misinformed.
DR ROBERTSON: No... What about you, you do phil... oh no. It's Psychology.
Calling me an expert on Philosophy?

Nope. The only insight I could provide on the matter was this:
ME: A philosopher used to come to our school... 
LINZIE: Wasn't he that minister?
ME: YES! Everybody hated him. He was saying things like "You should forgive the Nazi's"... You really shouldn't!!
At this point, Dr Robertson realised we were no experts on the matter.

And... casually wandered away.
ME: I'm taking a dictionary to school from now on.

Best sight ever?

Seeing Megan carrying around a kettle, a bottle of water, milk, coffee and a container filled to the brim with splenda.

Or how about 60 pupils shoved into a fairly small room full of dangerous objects?!

Umm... not that dangerous.

Yes! ARGH! 

I was going to say "Run for your life!" but it's about scissors and you should never run with scissors. Naughty child.

Seriously though, it was dangerous, Sara sat on them!!

Up to Mrs Murray room we went... where it was absolutely boiling, and over-crowded.

It's such a pathetic school.

We had to go to the library and get books to read (or in most cases, pretend to).

Ms Haggarty (the librarian) took an absolute fit.
MS HAGGARTY: Uhh... what are you doing?!
SOMEONE: Mrs Murray told us to come through.
There was thirty odd people in the library, waiting to check out book they had no intention of reading.
LAUREN: There's a queue to check out books!! *puzzled face*

It was amazing! A majority of 6th year just hung out there, planning on what types of appliances/games/food we could bring in to make our 6th year experience more enjoyable.

So far, our list includes:

  • Bean bags.
  • Candy-floss machine
  • Inflatable sofas
  • Slush puppy machine
  • Toaster
  • Mini-fridge
  • Microwave
  • Posters
That's just so far.

Chris has already started a smush pot (£3.50 in smush already!)

Megan's kettle allowed me and her to enjoy an incredibly tasty cup of coffee this morning.

We ended up walking around school with our mugs.
MR HUGHSON: Very sophisticated!
Haha, If you say so Hughesy!

I'm taking in an Argos book tomorrow so we can decide what we want.

Yeah. We're gonna make a shopping list.


Laughing at Sophie and Danielle, love those two girly's, going to miss them.

Decided I am going to do retro jewellery, based on old toys, popular brands, pop culture and sweets.

So maybe... kitsch is a better word to describe it?

Looking forward to doing this though!

Everyone has cool ideas. Love Kelly's, innovative idea the best though...
KELLY: I'm going to do another headpiece...
ME: That's coo...
KELLY: Using Babies.

ME: Cool... how are you going to make the babies?! *realises what was just said* Uhh, what materials are you going to make the babies out of?!

Sara, Dougal and I went to Grammar for our first ever Advanced Higher English lesson and guess what?

It was fairly awesome.

We only have four people in our class, us three, and a lovely girl called Susanna.. Suzanna? Susannah? Suzannah?

Whatever the spelling, phonetically, it is "Soo's-An-Ahh"

Also met a cutie called Charlie (apparently, her "real" name is Charlotte, I'm assuming we're okay on "Nickname basis") who showed us to our class.
DOUGAL: I hate Carol Ann Duffy. 
SARA: Oooh... I really don't like her!
ME: Hold on... what has Carol ever done to you!?
DOUGAL: What, are you on first name basis with her now?!
Totally! Not quite like Dougal with Mary Shelley, to whom he's related.

Yeah. Dougal's related to Frankenstein's author. 

That's not Mary by the way.

We went on a nice walk around school, we got away early and we were basically told that we would be drinking coffee a lot.

I love Advanced Higher English already.

We bumped into Mr Strudwick (Me and Dougal's old Computing teacher) at the reception. It was kind of awkward.
GRAMMAR MAN: This is our transport pupils from Kincorth...
*Mr Strudwick looks at us, me and Dougal wave*
MR STRUDWICK: Be sure to count everything!
Sorry, I forgot to mention that this:

Is our new school uniform.

Me and Sara love the English teacher though, she's really pretty!

Haha, Sara totally had hair envy.
SARA: I want to steal her hair and trousers!
Wait... maybe we SHOULD be wearing that new school uniform. 

Lauren xxx

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