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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Are fish reeaaalllyy wet?

Sometimes, you get asked questions so blatantly obvious and stupid, they become genius and unanswerable. 

Today, I got asked one of these questions.

As always, it was by Kelly.

It was bucketing down today.

I felt more annoyed than usual by this rain.

I only had to go in for one period... that period was "study".


Luckily, Hayley updated Paramore's Livejournal this morning, and it gave me the encouragement that I badly needed to get me out of the dry, warmth that was my house. 

And Jimmy Eat world kept me company at the bus stop (specifically "Hear you me", which has basically been on repeat since Steve recommended it to me a couple of days ago)

Okay... they didn't actually keep me
company. But their music did...
Nice sweater.

However, when we got into registration, we quickly realized that there were two first years missing.

Scott (a little later) wandered in.

Shania still hadn't turned up.

So we started panicking (this was our child after all!) and went to go look for her.

Thankfully, Hayleigh had her. I had an overwhelming urge to hug her. I finally understood how parents felt when they were reunited with their lost child.

Or... how this guy feels when
he sees a container full of 
orange sauce.


Sat down. Chatted. Attempted to read book. Failed. That was it...

I got soaked for that!

We took Lauren and Shania to their next class, and then I went home.

I walked Kelly home first though. She asked me:
KELLY: Are fish really wet? Because when you're in the water, you don't feel wet. So are fish really wet? And are we dry?
ME: No... because it's raining. 
That kid makes me laugh! Some of the stuff she comes out with are insane.

In the best possible way.

Had my second driving lesson after that. It went... well.

For the first half an hour.

After my Uncle told me about a way to ensure your car is level to the road which involves lining part of the wipers up to the kerb, I've been using it almost constantly to avoid... mounting the kerb.

Of course, it was raining, the window wipers were on... and for five seconds every minute or so, the wipers would move and I couldn't tell whether or not I was driving straight...

I'll learn how to drive this car if it kills me...


Lauren xxx

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