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Saturday, 28 May 2011

You want to buy the cheese surprise?

The surprise?
It's not cheese.

When you have friends like I do, studying is never dull.

Then again, when you have friends like I do, studying never actually happens.

But studying only helps you pass exams. Banter helps you form brilliant relationships which is, in my opinion, (but don't tell my parents/teachers that I told you this) more important to your mental wellbeing and your life in general!

Oh yeah.

Went into school with Abie and Lewis today, was fun just to have some random banter with them!

Ended up talking about cow farts.

*rolls eyes* Why do so many of my conversations end up here?!

FACT: Methane contributes to Global warming. Cows produce Methane when they fart. 

Connection: Methane causes global warming, cows produce methane, global warming is bad therefore cows must be bad too.

Counter connection: Methane causes Global warming, without global warming, we'd freeze our asses off, cows produce methane, cows also go "moo", "Moo-ing" is fun, therefore cows must be good.

Me and Abie decided to draw a picture...

"Pfft George, was that you?!"
"Sorry Bill!"

Haha, you need to hear Abie doing her cow accent (yes, she has a pretty amazing cow accent... yes, there is such a thing as a cow accent) to fully appreciate this picture.

Went to the Hotbar for Lunch... sorry, went to the Hotbar at Lunchtime, I'm intelligent enough not to eat Lunch there anymore after hairs were found in food, past disasters involving food (can you say "Meatball melt"?) and a water to pasta ratio that would disgust you... they don't use sieves when they scoop out the pasta... *shakes head*

Mrs Fulton wasn't terribly impressed with the "cuisine" either.
MRS FULTON: *whispering* What is that?
ME: Uhhh... *looks at a burnt, orange heap in a plastic container* Do you really want to know?!
MRS FULTON: Looks like cheese on cheese....
ME: Just eat it, don't ask any questions! You are better off not knowing. 
The food may not be great, but the company sure is. Hung out with Abie, Lewis, Calum, Sophie, Chris, Struan and Danielle.

Danielle has a new hair colour and it's pretty amazing ^_^

Her hair colours always are though! She's like the Aberdonian version of Hayley Williams, always changing hair colours, always managing to suit them.

Abie and Lewis had a fight... God knows what it was about, but there was a lot of shoving, pushing, falling off of seats and some biting.

Lewis bit Abie. Abie pushed Lewis off of his chair. Lewis went away. Chris wrote some nasty comments in his book. Sophie asked Chris to stop because he was "Wasting paper".

Makes sense, right?

Abie knocked her strawberry flavored water all over the place after that.


Always screw the top of your water bottle on when not drinking to avoid accidents such as these.

Lauren xxx

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