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Monday, 30 May 2011

Wrong place, wrong vehicle.

When something really crazy happens (like a flashmob of people, standing around a carpet in General George whilst holding bananas), people are quick to point the finger of blame towards twitter.

Nine out of ten times?
Twitter is to blame for these events.

But when fifty eco bikers turning up in Aberdeen town center wearing Tiger onesies and sporting bright purple hair? Yeah. We're not taking the blame for that one.

Had a brilliant day on Friday (Yes, I'm falling behind... again) with my buds!

Going to list the people I was out with on Friday night:
Halle, Sara, Andrew, Abie, Kyle, Kristina, Lucas and Lewis.

Love these guys and girls so much, had a brilliant time!

First off, Me, Halle, Sara, Andrew, Kyle and Abie went to Frankie and Benny's for Dinner. We had garlic bread (have you ever had the garlic bread from Frankie and Benny's?! It's heavenly) and the plate that Abie, Halle and I had to share lasted quite literally three minutes, at the most. 

It was so good.

Our waiter ended up being one of the guys that Abie and Halle work with at Pittodrie. It's a small, small world after all!

Abie got a pint... of Coke. So classy, haha! It was huge

As usual, the friendly banter got out of hand, and it ended up putting Sara off of her Pizza.
ABIE: I want to see "Black Swan".
ME: It's so good!
KYLE: Isn't that the one where she fiddles with herself?
*Sara looks put off her pizza*
ME: *pulling a face* Yeah, with her Mum watching... Just a little awkward.
KYLE: *makes the wank gesture* Oh hey Mum! *goes back to gesture*
*Sara puts her knife down* 
ABIE: *picks her fork up* Stop it! You're going to scare Sara away!
ME: Woaaah...
KYLE: I thought that fork was for me there!
ME: Me too! 
After that, we met up with Lucas, Kristina and Lewis and tried to get tickets to "The Hangover 2"...

We failed to get tickets to "The Hangover 2".

We tried at the Vue, still nothing. 

So we headed to the beach, with a plan (and a back up plan):

Plan A: We get tickets to see "The Hangover 2" at the beach.

Plan B: We go Mini-golfing/Bowling

We walked past an Irish pub, and Abie being Abie, she slipped into an Irish accent:
ABIE: Top o' the mornin' ti ye', can I getta pint o' Guinness?
I've heard worse attempts at Irish accents, but the fact that an Irish woman overheard Abie's stab at an Irish accent couldn't have helped the situation.

She laughed though, It's all good!

Then we bumped into the "Biker crew". 


Sorry, The Biker crew sounds awesome, but these weren't Motorcycle owners. Oh no. Just ordinary bike owners...

Or should I say extraordinary ordinary bike owners?

One of the girls reminded me of the girl from "Scott Pilgrim"... SUCH bright hair! 

One of the boys reminded me of Ross because he was wearing a tigger onesie.
LUCAS: Why aren't you a part of this? It must have been organised on twitter!
See what I mean? We always get the blame.

On our way down to the beach, there was an unattended Motorcycle...

If we had post-it notes on us, we were going to write "Wrong place, wrong vehicle" on it.

Better to have the wrong vehicle in the wrong place than have (what my Best friend so delicately put as) a "Bucket of shyte" of a car.

It was really disgusting though!

Silver, cheap looking wee car with one of those redneck horns and a blue replacement panel...

With what looked to be an air freshner attached to the back of it.

And chavs driving it.

Now, you know me, I hate labels, but when it comes to chavs, I make an exception. Stop acting cool. Stop driving crappy cars. Stop with your ridiculous swagga. And for goodness sake, STOP HANGING OUT OUTSIDE McDONALD'S!!

They just drove past and Halle automatically went:
HALLE: What a bucket of shyte.
Haha, I love that kid. 

No seats at "The Hangover 2" in the Cineworld down at the beach either... Such a popular film! So we decided we were going to go Mini-golfing.

I was in a team with Kristina and Halle, it was hilarious! 

We didn't take it seriously... at all.

At one point, we put the clubs in between our legs and attempted to hit the ball like that. 

Needless to say, we didn't do very well golfing like that.

All of our team got a hole in one however!!

Sara wasn't so lucky (bless her).
ME: How did you get on?
SARA: I got the number that you taught me last week...
69... *tries to keep a straight face* 

I don't know what I got. We didn't keep score.

At the end, this conversation happened:
KRISTINA: And the winner is... WE'RE ALL WINNERS!
US: Yaaaaaay!
*Group hug*
Although, at one point, my ball managed to end up in the bushes... what tae fook? Is that even possible?

I also tripped over the bumpy terrain about twenty times in the space of those eighteen holes. 

Grace? I have as much grace as someone who is ironically named Grace (i.e. very little)

After that, Kristina, Halle, Andrew, Sara and I headed to the beach whilst the rest of them headed to the Boardwalk to play Lasertag.

Took some photos and had some lovely banter :)

Oh, got stuck in some quick sand too... that wasn't so fun.

I love life right now. I thank my beautiful friends for that.

That and Lady Gaga's new album. Cause it's just so happy. Especially "Hair" and "You and I". 

Everyone seems to be writing about "Born this way" so I thought I'd join in.

So... laters?

Lauren xxx

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