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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thankful for...

Awesome friends
Brilliant family
Rubber ducks
Gerard Butler
Bass guitars
Sean Batty
Interior designers.

I've had an amazing day today. Just... wow. Very much in the "loving life" stage right now.

Okay, run through of what happened today:

Went to town with my Mum in the morning, we went for something to drink at Michie's the chemist (yes, they have a little cafe downstairs) then had a quick look in Bruce Miller's.

I might be getting my first ever bass guitar really soon. Which makes me go:

I really like

I could be getting the blue one.
Then we went to Jaegar, and Ewan was working!


But I didn't see him, so he got annoyed with me because I never went and said hello to him.

Oops... sorry Ewan!

Headed to T.G.I Fridays next for a bite to eat with Abie and Lewis.

If you live in Aberdeen, you need to go to Union Square's T.G.I's, such a cool little place. I want my house to look like T.G.I's, it's awesome. The peacock that hangs on the wall is by far my favorite part of the whole shop.

This is so retro. Love it!

Had a lovely lunch with my amigos.

Then it was off for a spot of shopping!

NOTE: It was mostly Lewis doing the shopping. As always, me and Abie were just getting dragged along, holding his bags and his clothes. 

Haha, we're really just his personal shoppers, and he knows it!!

Back to my house for lengthy twitter conversations with Megan, Ben, Glen, David, Laura and Sara.
MEGAN: Oh I want a tattoo of a blue rubber duck. I have made my decision.
This sums up Megan perfectly.

After that, it was off to Sara's for a brilliant catch-up and a quick watch of "The Bounty Hunter".

Gerard Butler. Ooft.

Soundtrack? Not so ooft.

The person who chose the songs chose them far too literally!!

For example:

A parade is set on fire. What song is playing in the background? 
"Fire Burning" - Sean Kingston.

Milo and Nicole are playing Craps. They are running out of time to win $10,000. What song is playing in the background?
"Tik tok" - Ke$ha

A caddy is running for his sweet, dear life away from Milo. What song is playing in the background?
"Stayin' Alive" - Bee Gees.

Bee Gees.

*shakes head*

I couldn't make that up if I tried.

Lauren xxx

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