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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ooooh, BURN!

Not that kind of burn.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about last Friday. WHAT? How far behind am I?!

Had an amazing Friday as well.

Town with Mum was good, we were trying to find some new clothes, but nothing jumped out at us.

What did jump out at us?

The best comeback I have ever heard in my life:
RANDOM LADY: She's pregnant and even she's lost more weight than you!!
I burst out laughing. That was genius. No other words for it.

Went to see "Unknown" at night, it was brilliant, the review for it is up... somewhere... Best chances of finding it is by using the "Reviews" page to the right =>


Did I just do a right arrow? Wow. I am sorry for treating you like an idiot.

The movie was great, the fact that Halle had a little bit of a crush on Liam Neeson was not.

Seriously Halle?!
This guy could be your Grandaddy!

The new Republic shop had just opened, so me, Halle and Lewis decided to have a browse.
HALLE: I like that bag! I think that's going to be the one I take to college.
Yes.  My Best Friend is going off to College in a few months time. It's creepy! Haha, she's all grown up now!!

Off to our favourite restaurant, Yo sushi! after that.

Where we saw Finn, from Glee.

NOTE: It wasn't REALLY him

But you tell Halle that, she's pretty convinced 

Lewis was slagging off one of the female chefs... She was burning a lot of stuff, fair enough, but maybe she was just having a bad day.

Be nice Lewis!

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