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Monday, 16 May 2011

Naughty blogger! Naughty blogger!

This is my "I've been a naughty blogger" face.
I'll let your imagination run rampant for a while
before commencing with the blog.

I have been a naught blogger because I have abandoned you all, my loyal readers, for revision, exams and chocolate eating.

All of which are necessary additions to every teenagers lives during the months of May/June. 

The other thing that effects teenagers during this time
is the sudden hatred for this logo.

We'd all like to charge at the examiners that put us
through so much stress on an annual basis.

I've been hanging out a lot with one of my best buddies, Megan, during the past week or so. This makes me happy. Haven't seen her so much in the space of one week in several months, and that sucks.

We went into get help from Mrs Fulton last Wednesday, that and... have some banter with her.

What a cool teacher.
MRS FULTON: And now this is the... *pauses* Is this the 22nd century now?
ME: ... Ugh... I think it's still the 21st!
MEGAN: Wait... I thought it was the 19th!
ME: That was back in the 1800's Megan...
MRS FULTON: Oh! I'm thinking of the new decade.
My generation have been through a new decade, century and millenium. And we're not even 20.

That rocks.
MEGAN: I wish I got that Lady Macbeth poster now!
MRS FULTON: *intrigued* Where did you see that?
MEGAN: Steptoes Yard in Montrose.
MRS FULTON: *Looks confused* I don't kno...
MEGAN: You were the one who told us about it!
MRS FULTON: Wha... *starts laughing* I used the image of the scrap yards in comparison to the H.E. room they were attempting to clean out last week.
ME: That's a pretty good metaphor.
MRS FULTON: Did you see it?
ME: Yeah, it was a state.
It honestly did look like this.

Back to "revision" (We did learn quite a number of things in the fifteen minutes we spent chatting to Mrs Fulton, but it really was all about the banter).

She was talking about Lady Macbeth and her manipulative powers over Macbeth.
MRS FULTON: It really was the idea that "behind every great man there is a great woman". She's kind of like Michelle Obama, or Hilary Clinton...
ME: An evil version of them.
Somehow, this conversation transformed into one about Megan's toilet and Aberdeen football club (who could have easily been playing inside Megan's toilet as there performance this season is truly appalling)
MRS FULTON: I've put up pictures of New York on the walls of my living room, I painted it, and my Husband had up his Aberdeen posters, anniversary plaques... things like that. And I said "Oh no, we can't put them up again. It would clash with the colours... besides, I don't want to drill any holes in the walls." "You did this on purpose didn't you?" "Neveeeeer!"
Got to love Mrs Fulton and her amazing powers of manipulation.
MRS FULTON: He's got a den upstairs... he can hang them up there. There's only one more Aberdeen piece of shyte on the walls and that's in the hallway...
ME: Is that next on your list to decorate then?
MRS FULTON: Funnily enough, it is! 
MEGAN: I need to listen to that song, It really sums me up...
MRS FULTON: What song's that?
MEGAN: Totally fucked. 
MRS FULTON: You are not tota... You'll be fine!
MEGAN: But the highest mark I've got on my essays were 13's!
MRS FULTON: That's because we are tough bitches!
We then went down to Drama for some banter and to rock out to "Hot Blooded".

Old school rock. You have to love it.

It's the rules.

Lauren xxx

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