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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hillbilly's and yahoo answers do NOT mix.

Just an observation.


Study this week was less... studying and more of a frantic panic to finish art. 

Heavy emphasis on frantic.


You see, the art folio, 100% finished, was due in at 3.15pm on Thursday.

Which gave us all less than 8 hours to finish our final sheets (That takes bloody ages and very few of us were finished) and most of our development sheets... 


Yes. The class were swearing like sailors.
HAYLEIGH: *notices there is some paint on her photos* F*ck! F*ck f*ck sh*t!!!
This speech bubble came out of just
about everyone's mouths.
Several times.

You should have seen the photos of Lauren and her sweet wrapper covered corset. They were gorgeous!

Kristina was awfully stressed bless her. She only had an hour and a half sleep and she was sick twice... just wanted to give her a hug!

Emotions were running high on Thursday. People were crying left, right and centre. 

And then Kati breezed in with a smile on her face, as always, she's so freaking happy, it just leaks onto everyone else.

Optimism and pessimism is contagious, don't let anyone tell you differently!


Not much happened, Dougal pointed out how little time we have left... 

I'm going to miss Calum and Sophie!

Dougal. You are not getting rid of me that quickly. See you next year in Advanced Higher English.


This double was the best of the whole week!

Just looking at Hannah and Emma's computer screen and laughing (not so) quietly to ourselves.

Just looking at THIS site and laughing at the extreme fails. Emphasis on extreme.

There was a miniature crowd by the end of the laughing session. Dod gave us a dirty look...

If he saw the next things we were looking at, he would've immediately forgiven us...

ME: Panda's are awesome! They are like the natural advertisement against racism, "look at me, I'm black, white, asian, and adorable."
Know what else is adorable? Micro pigs.


How can you not love micropigs?! Look at their wee snouts and fall madly in love.
SARA: Samantha's Uncle is getting a micro-pig, but he has to buy two so one doesn't get lonely! How cute is that?!
So cute!  

Lucas then ruined the cuteness.
LUCAS: What do you think is better for killing someone: A cordless keyboard or a corded keyboard?
ME: *In a serious tone* A cordless, because then you could throw the keyboard at whoever you are trying to kill.
Us? Homicidal maniacs? NEVER!

Suicidal maniacs? Perhaps.
LUCAS: *tying mouse around his neck* Do you think anyone has ever committed suicide with their mouse?
I don't... but Mickey Mouse tried to commit suicide back in the 1930's cause Minnie dumped him. Messed up huh?

This is the inspiration
for the title.

Beware of vampire babies...

Also, beware of mis-reading signs. I thought that "Clean line socket machine" said "Clean, lean, socket machine".

Classroom photography - It's making a comeback!


Holy shiz... the atmosphere in that room was terrible.

Kelly lightened the mood though....
KELLY: Why is it such a long walk from that classroom to this one?! *does a happily confused face*
Had a nervous breakdown over art too. I thought it was meant to be relaxing!!

Eventually finished art though!! 

Thank God! ^_^

Lauren xxx

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