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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Golf widow

Muck up day:
"The last EVER day of secondary school or college, when everyone in the senior year sets up various pranks to amuse the younger students (and themselves)."
It's a beautiful day, and it's also the one day that everyone in 6th year turns up to.

Why wouldn't you? It's your last ever day of school, and you get away with everything.

Almost everything.

Stuff to do on your last day of school:

  • Ordering a heap of fast food to the school, under your headteacher's name... to be delivered at a time where he has a meeting.
  • Cover a teachers car in tuna and shoving a potato in their exhaust.
  • Block the stairway so no-one could get to class.
  • Tie people up with clingfilm
  • Release two sheep in the school; One labelled "One", the next labelled "Three" and watch as the teachers run around the school in panic, attempting to find the non-existent sheep number "Two".
  • Decorate the school... however you want.
  • Put baby oil on the banisters.
  • Fill water balloons with Ketchup.
  • Dress up as superheroes... unless you actually are a superhero. Then you should probably go as ninja.
  • Kidnap a teacher. Preferably one that won't press charges.
  • Cry.

Okay... I did the last one for the 6th years. I'm just going to miss them so much!


I missed the last ever redgy with Mrs Talboys because of the buses *rolls eyes*

I can't say that I'm bothered about that. I am not. Seriously. I don't care.

Some redgy teachers were given presents, others gave presents, some made heartfelt speeches...

What happened in my redgy class?

Caitlin made a passing comment about it being the last ever redgy that 5F1 will spend together.

And then my redgy teacher mixed me up with Sara. And I wasn't even there...

Justifiable seen as I've been in her
class once a day (previously
twice a day) for almost

We were down in Mrs Anderson's guidance room cause our class was so small.
It smells nice, but it's way too quiet.

So we ended up just chatting away, awkwardly, seen as Mrs Anderson could hear every word we were saying.

But it goes both ways!!
MRS ANDERSON: Yes, seen as I'm a golf widow! *laughs uncontrollably*
Me, Michelle, Claire and Lauren share a look that screams: What the hell is she talking about?!

We were meant to man the fire alarms all day (people could not be bothered doing that though) so the 6th years couldn't set them off, but it ended up failing because I almost ended up accidentally setting them off... twice.

Watch where you lean.


We revised our asses off in this per...

Hah! Just kidding, we played taboo.

Then it was break... and all of the 6th years were in the hotbar... Signing eachother's t-shirts, hugging one another, going insane with a beachball...

It was all very touching.

Mrs Henderson got hit on the back of the head with the beachball... good times!

She didn't even shout at Danielle, she just smiled. 

Told you, 6th years get away with everything on muck up day!!

Almost everything.

Signed Kristina's book, gave more people hugs than I could possibly name, signed Sophie's Hannah Montana banner (don't ask) and got a photo taken with Sophie and Lewis...

Then I saw Laura hugging Kristina and I just almost broke into tears...

I'm gonna miss those two so much!!


Okay, here's the deal, I nearly cried about seven times in the space of these two hours.

I blame Kristina's book! Some people wrote some really beautiful stuff in it!! 
We were remembering the good times, including the legend of "ching".
LAUREN AND I: *in Unison* Chiiiinngg... *broken hearted face* 

You see, it is in that very classroom that we came up with the greeting/nickname Ching. It happened when doing a dot picture, it's furiously dot the pen to make a piece of paper look like a teapot (don't ask) and whenever I would stop tapping, Lauren would shout "Ching!" from across the classroom because it sounded like a typewriter...

The legend of ching is finished.

I was upset by that.

Then Mr Lawson came in and called Greg gay...
MR LAWSON: Do you wear your trouser low?
GREG: Yeah.
MR LAWSON: Do you know where that came from?
GREG: No...
MR LAWSON: I'm not racist, but It came from black people. In prison, people used to wear their trousers like that as an invitation for homosexual sex.
Louie Spence:

A big supporter of the sagging trend.

Then again, he's also into the "cover your
manhood with piece of fruit trend"...
Note: Pineapple's are prickly. Ouch
Further note: It's not a fully grown pineapple,
which means he's a PINEAPPLE PAEDOPHILE!

Then Mr Lawson started to ask whether or not people smoked coffee... I switched off after that.


Possibly the last time I ever have to do maths!! Which is good, but Calum and Sophie weren't there... so it sucked majorly... I'm going to miss them more than I can possibly describe...


Megan came round after school to cheer me up, we talked, looked up the next school play, "The return to the forbidden planet" (Look it up, it's dreadful)

All in all? It was a good Tuesday.

Lauren xxx

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