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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fun with cars.

And I ain't talking 'bout  bumper cars.

That is one nice bumper car.


Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news?

Good news? I got out of my NAB to finish off my art folio and I actually managed to finish off my art folio!!

Bad news? I missed the last ever Psychology class.

DOD!!! *shakes fist at sky* 

Yeah. I'm overly emotional over these things.

I've had some good times in that class! I'm going to miss the banter.

I'm predicted to get a B for Art... I'd REALLY like an A!! But hey, I left it to the very last minute, so I'm chuffed I passed at all!!


Aww man... this is over a week ago... Genuinely can't remember!


We would have had such a riot... if only we knew it would have been our last ever period of maths...

Alas. We did not.

However, the banter was amazing as usual. Words cannot describe my love for Sophie, Calum and Dougal. Such sweetie pies.

Spent my free with Sophie and Calum, revising English.

Sophie gave me and Calum a plan for a Turning point essay, so we were trying to decipher her writing and get our head around the points of the plan.
ME: So, is it all about the soliloquy?
SOPHIE: Uh... *Does this cute little smile that basically tells us all that she doesn't know what we're talking about* 
Smile and wave boys...
Smile and wave.


Not much happened. Mr McDonald just confused us by saying that we might not get a photo of a painting when we open our exam paper next month... we might get a photo of fabricated fruit.

What tae fook?

Hilarious after school!

Calum was a sweetie and told me that he'd give me a lift home, so me, him and Caitlin waited in the car for Sophie, as she tried to stop Natalie driving away by lying across her bumper.

She also failed to stop Natalie driving away.

Yeah. She was running with the car.

What can I say? Sophie just didn't have
the strenght needed to stop a car.
Or pick it up with one hand.
If only she was a alcoholic hobbo!

She then tried to get into Calum's car... and he drove away, slow enough that she could still hang onto the side of the door, fast enough to make her run for her very life.

He repeated this several times, It was... ahhh... man! It was fantastic! Haven't laughed that hard in ages!!

Lauren xxx

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