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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wednesday's are my new lucky day.

Rewind to last Wednesday and I got a reply from Hayley Williams...

Sorry, just had to nod and smile to that one!

One week on? I've made a new Paramore related twitter account (@ParaScots, looke me up!) and have got a reply from no other than Jeremy Davis!

He's the one on the left.
Ohhh Jeremy. 
*makes heart gesture with hands*

On the topic of twitter, my good friend Sean Batty (Not a lie, he said himself we're friends!) has just hit 6,000 followers on it. What a sweetie pie that man is.

Trying to finish of my Design folio for Art... I've got the designs for the perfume bottles packagings. Not much else.

Urgh. Wish I would just get hit with the sudden desire to do work.




No? Ahh well... Back to Coin dozer on the iPod then!

Lauren xxx

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