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Sunday, 10 April 2011

That is one creepy ass butterfly.

Oh the joys of deadlines.

I swear, teachers and SQA team up to wreck your fun.

It's less than... three weeks... until I have to hand in my art folio.

TWO of my art folios actually.

And I haven't even started one of them...

Back to the "Teachers and SQA wreck our fun" statement.

It is a gorgeous day (AGAIN! Did someone swap Hawaii's weather with Aberdeen's? If so, thank you!) yet I'm stuck inside drawing.

Don't worry. I don't need your sympathy! (Although, I don't suppose you guys would give me any even if I did need some) I've been chilling out, listening to some New Found Glory on spotify and trying to update my Summer playlist...

Oh, and doing work for my art folio... of course...


But I'm REALLY not happy with my Butterfly perfume bottle...

If that went flying by, would you say "Awwww, look at the little butterfly!" or "ARGH! Run away from the mutant flying rat!"?

Add that to:

And that's all I really have for my folios... Oops.

But, hey, it's Summer weather here in Aberdeen! So I'm going to share 5 of the most Summery songs I can think of to get you in the mood to... do whatever you do in Summer.

If they don't put you in a Summery mood then nothing will!
Here's hoping that you had a great weekend!

Lauren xxx

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