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Friday, 8 April 2011

That awesome moment when you realise your life rocks.

Usually, these epiphany-esque moments come to you in one of three places.

On a beach, whilst you are on Holiday.

When you are rocking out to your favourite
band or artist. Ever.
Or sometimes it's just those simple little days out
with your best friends.

For me? It always seems to be in the car, stargazing or on my humble little computer chair.

And guess what? In the past 24 hours, I've came to the conclusion that "My life rocks" in ALL three of those locations.

Allow me to elaborate:

As... well... everyone knows, I am a HUGE Paramore fan.

They seem like such nice guys ^_^

Anyway, so as a HUGE Paramore fan, I read their Live Journal posts.

Technically, even if you're not a Paramore fan, you should still read their posts. It's almost always Hayley writing, not that that's a problem, cause she always manages to strike the right balance between inspirational stuff and comedy.

Her latest post was pretty special. Most of you probably know by now that Hayley is going to be Cosmo's May Cover girl. So she spent a while blogging about magazine's and how they are making people strive for "perfection". I loved it. It's the sort of inspirational shiz that I live for.

Also, loved how after all this, amazing stuff that she wrote about loving your own body, she adds:
"I really was hoping one of the headlines would be "69 ways to 69" but I guess it was a no go"
Obviously, the writer inside of me sprung to life (not so much by the last part for some strange reason...). The Psychologist inside of me also sprung to life. I always seem to do write about psychology now!

Dod. I blame you for that.

NOTE: Dod is my psychology lecturer. He is also God. And a sod. Whilst he's on his Todd...

FURTHER NOTE: We like to rhyme his name with words.

Ahh screw it. I'm copying and pasting in my comment.
"Inspiration is so hard to come by these days. I think everyone looks to the media, you know, the broadcasted social norms that 99% of the population take as the "rules". You can't be this height. You can't be this weight. Your boobs must be in proportion. Your boobs must be this size. Your style has to be "normal". It really is stupid. Why should we let a magazine, or a website dictate who we should be? Why should we let the scream of society drown our own individual voices into mere whispers?

I seriously can't explain how much this post means to us. Just read a couple of the comments and you can see that everyone is pretty worked up over this topic. I'm glad that you have decided to embrace your right to feel sexy, cause sweetie, we've been trying to get you to realise just how beautiful you are for years!

Hayley, you are such an inspiration and I doubt that people could find a better role model. You don't claim to be perfect but you can accept your imperfections and be grateful for what you have.

I think I'll buy Cosmo next month... Actually, I think I'll buy it and make a drinking game out of it. Anytime you see the word "sex", take a shot.

I apologise if I don't make it past the front cover.

Lauren xxx

P.S. They should have went with your idea. If I wanted to read up about Sex moves, I would have bought the Kamra Sutra. 69 ways to 69 FTW."
See what I mean about the Psychology?

Anyways, an hour later, I got a reply.

From Hayley.

I just about fell off my seat.
"haha!! you are the sweetest. i'm so glad that we have fans like we do. it's not really like fandom at all, it's really an incredible community. we're so lucky. i'm grateful that people do care about this topic. i feel like we're misinformed all the time and it's out of our control. it's great to see people wanting to take control back. 
and that drinking game would be dangerous with cosmo."
At this point, I grinned madly and threw my hands up in the air.

Life is the greatest anti-depressant of all.

Followed closely by:
Actual anti-depressants.

I think it's so sweet that she takes the time to speak to fans.

Same with Jessie J! I love it when celebrities take time out to speak to the people that adore them. It makes sense if you think about it for a few minutes... But SO few do it.

Long story I know, but THAT is my "realisation that life is awesome" when sitting on my computer chair moment.

Next up?



Be frank with me...

No. Don't be THAT Frank with me.

Fine. Re-thinking my word choice...

Be HONEST with me, when was the last time you've star gazed? I bet for a bunch of you, it's been a pretty long time. Never did understand that! It's free! And It's probably going to give you the most beautiful thoughts that you've had in ages.

I love stargazing. I used to always go on walks with my Grandad and he would point out the constellations to me, telling me what their names were, or what they meant. I miss him. I really couldn't have asked for a better Grandad. He was amazing. But I better stop writing their because I can just hear the nasty words he's shouting down at me right now for being too "mushy".

He had a sailor's mouth, to put it kindly.

Stargazing makes me realise how beautiful the world can be, and how every single one of us are just like a star, a tiny spec of light, lost in the darkness, but more beautiful than anyone can imagine. 

Shooting stars are just dying stars... If you ask me, death has never looked so wonderful.

Anyways, stargazing always mellows me out, so that's why I realised that life was awesome when stargazing.

So... today!

Went to Dundee for a browse of the shops with my Mum and Dad.

It rocked!

We went to Muffin Break. My Mum and Dad got some tea and shared a bacon and cheese toastie whilst I had a latte and an M&M cookie.

So good.

But my Dad spilt cheese all over his t-shirt cause he is a mucky puppy.

Oh, and he also got approached by a druggie. I think she was a druggie.

She asked him for at least 60p anyways. Which was kind of a weird amount of money to ask for, right?

I was so happy! I got the hoody that I have been wanting for ages!

I may wear nothing else for 
the rest of my life.

Okay... maybe pants.

And maybe a bra.

And socks. Cause you can't do the "Risky Business" slide without socks, can you?

Awwww yeah.

*snaps back to reality*

Where was I?

OH YEAH! The hoody.

I was trying so desperately hard to stay away from branded stuff today, you know, stop being a hypocrite? (I'm always harping on about conformity and how we should embrace our uniqueness) 

But cmon! I've wanted this hoody for about... 8 months now? AND IT WAS REDUCED.

I was, without a doubt, a....



I was KO'd on the way back from Dundee. I was just lying down in the back of my car, staring at the clouds passing by, and I felt So. Damn. Loved.

I don't know if there's a God, or a buddha, or a giant leprauchan in the sky that picks out who should have what friends and what family but if there is, then I want to thank them so much for my life!

I love everyone.

I love life.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

Lauren xxx

P.S. I forgot to say, I love you too.

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