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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Society's scream...

Don't you just detest the society we are living in today?

Open your eyes to the hate in the world at this present moment in time. You are not meant to discriminate, murder, rape, assault, bully or influence someone into doing something that they don't want to do, but look around and what do you see? Discrimination, murders, rapes, assaults, bullying and social influence.

We live in a time of great change. Never before have ordinary civilians had so much power. We've had the gay revolution, rebellion uprisings, a new breed of cultures and subcultures emerging and a new type of tolerance for every type of individuals, be they anorexics, drunks, emos, geeks or... well... whatever really.

So tell me, why does our generation seem to be the worst conformers in living memory?

Look through the pages of vogue and into the minds of little girls. The images of 'perfection' are the same. Size zero, flawless women wearing beautiful clothes. When I was little, you know what I used to think about?

This guy.

This is what kids aspire to be.

And I hate society as a whole for approving the constant exposure of size zero models. They seem to be everywhere. On the TV, in the cinema, on magazine covers, on the internet, on runways... When will it stop?

People don't understand that beauty is merely a perception. How many times have you heard someone that looks absolutely gorgeous saying that they look like a state? Or you end up fancying someone that your friends deem hideous? It's because there is not one definition of beauty... there are over seven billion. Personally, I love guys with awesomely styled long hair, a cute smile and a kick ass pair of high tops. Other girls love bald guys. Some girls love other girls... It's a personal perception, and being thin does not make you more attractive. And being really thin? That would only make you more attractive to the grim reaper. That is one guy you do NOT want chasing after you girls and boys. Extreme dieting is bad.

Next on my list? Sexuality.

I couldn't give a damn if you are sitting there, on your computer chair, reading this and you are heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, asexual or even tri-sexual... (If you can find another gender to fall in love with, then go for it).

Even though we are now much more tolerant of people with different sexualities (being homosexual was actually considered to be a mental disorder until a few decades ago) but we still have that social segregation between homosexuals and heterosexuals. 

Most girls want a gay best friend, but very few guys want a gay best friend.
Most boys like lesbians, but a number of girls get freaked out by them.

Why should we treat our friends any differently merely because of something as trivial as the gender of their partner?! I think it's stupid... It's not as if your gay/lesbian friend is going to come out and feel immediately attracted to every man or woman that walks by! Do straight people act like that? No. So why should gays be any different?

The last point on today's society that I am going to make is our constant disregard of the problems of people that are "close" to us. We see their tweets, their status updates, their emails, their texts, and yet we ignore them. But if a celebrity tweeted, and seemed even a tiny bit down? We'd be beating the keys of our keyboard madly, trying to send them a "Stay strong" message... along with three thousand others. 

We know so little about our own friends, it physically hurts. I have heard stories of pregnancy scares, suicide attempts, eating disorders, mental disorders, having to watch loved ones die, getting hurt by loved ones mentally, getting hurt by loved ones physically, self harming, substance abuse, conflicts with sexuality, you name it, I've heard it. But it's so annoying how little we can do about it. The best (and worst) we can do is keep their secret. Or at least, their anonymity. 

What I am trying to say, is we all conform to the moulds of the other seven billion people on this planet. And why? The mould of the average person is nothing special. Hence why they are average. 

Society has a scream so loud, it reduces our individual voices to mere whispers, but isn't it better to whisper something important than let it go unsaid?

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