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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Slappa da bass!

So, It has been decided! My new musical obsession will be... BASS GUITAR!

*queue awesome riff*

I'm musically challenged.

Seriously. Unless it is air guitar, I can't play it for love nor money.

And let's face it, Air guitar is hardly the most difficult instrument to play...

*Insert guitar here*

Whatever. I shouldn't be ashamed to admit that... mostly because the human race is idiotic and not only is there an app for that...

You thought I was kidding?

But there's also an AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIP.

Again, I can't make up this shiz.

Anyways, back to bass...

I have tried my hand at guitar. I have failed at guitar. Naturally, I look to alternatives.


... No.


Although I would REALLY like to
take them up and be like my hero...

Definition of rock right there.



It's like guitar, but there's less strings! Plus, I'd be like this guy!

In Jeremy Davis, we trust.

AND my new friend!

I think Jay Imlach would have wanted
me to find a more rock worthy photo of him.

Ah well. That photo makes me smile. What a cutie.

Sorry. Keep getting sidetracked. BASS.

Trying to learn misery business on Bass right now.

I only have an eenie weenie problem...

I do not own a bass guitar.

Just a LITTLE problem.

So I am learning it on guitar.

Because compromising is awesome.


Lauren xxx

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