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Saturday, 9 April 2011

She wouldn't even know where to dunk it!

Ahhh... dude....

Sorry. Garlic is like a nuclear bomb for your mouth, seriously, I wake up the next morning and I can STILL taste garlic.

I might as well eat it raw.

But cmon, garlic bread is amazing. And at least I can ward away the vampires!!
The mere fact that I have boobs probably wards off this
particular breed of vampires.

Sorry, cheap shot! I like Twilight. But seriously, the plot is a little insane. 

An army of vampires and an army of wolves that hate each other and it's STILL a total chick-flick? Well done Twilight. It takes a special kind of movie to achieve that.

Okay, so now we're done with my rant about garlic and twilight (My Mind always strays away from the point like that) we're read to talk about today!

I was really wanting to wear my new hooded jacket thingy I got from Dundee yesterday, but shock horror (LITERALLY, Shock horror) it was the fifth consecutive warm, sunny day in Aberdeen.

Just wore a t-shirt....

And some jeans, you know, I'm not just going around in my t-shirt.

Little kids would be mentally scarred.
For life.

Went into town with one of my best friends, Michelle, to see Limitless.

If I can be bothered, I'll write up a review of it!

If I don't, I seriously recommend it, Neil Burger's directing was trippy to say the least.

After that (and a 1 hour, 40 minute wait) we met up with Abie and Lewis and went to our favourite little restaurant, F&B's!

There was a little kid who was making out with the window.

Om nom nom. Glass.

Awww she was adorable... for a kid getting a little bit too up close and personal with a window that is.

We had some awesome banter. We always do. I can't even begin to describe how much I love my friends.

Although, they do start inappropriate conversations.


You are with your friends, in a restaurant.

Your food arrive. Your face resembles this:


You are content, eating *insert favourite food here*, when, all of a sudden...

You start talking about someone's sex life.

Your face now resembles this:

LEWIS: I couldn't imagine her in bed... Guuh... I think I'm going to be sick!!
ABIE: Thanks for that Lewis! *looks at chicken disappointedly, obviously, she's been put off of it by the mental images*
Lewis continues to try imagining this person in bed....
LEWIS: Urrgggh!
ABIE: You're not supposed to try imagining it!!
LEWIS: It's put me off my food! *dunks chip into mayonnaise*
ME: ... Please.... don't dunk it in that whilst we're talking about THAT. 
LEWIS: She wouldn't even know where to dunk it!
NOTE: Don't talk about sex when you are trying to eat.

ESPECIALLY if you've got mayonnaise on your plate.

Learn from our mistakes.

Lauren xxx

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