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Monday, 11 April 2011

Scottish Weather: How I hate you so.

This cat shares my hatred of the 
unreliable spectacle that is the 
Scottish Weather.

The plan for today:
Wake up early!
Go to the beach and take photos!
Go buy the Hayley Williams edition of Cosmo!
Get some passport photos!
Buy sweet and sour chicken!

What has been achieved today:
Wake up early.
Complain about the miserable weather.
Stare out at raindrops with hatred.
Complain some more about the weather.
Annoy my twitter followers.
Chat to one of my Grandma's neighbours.
Chat with Ashleigh, Morgan and Liam.
Get some passport photos (Finally! Success!)

When I say success...

The photos look horrible. I look like a boy. Even more so than usual!

Plus, I swear a seagull is laughing at me. Screw you seagull. I'm gonna send the Scottish weather hating cat on you if you don't shut up! 

I think Claire, Megan and Laura are coming in for me soon, so I'm just enjoying an IRN BRU. 

What? I'm Scottish. What else did you think I would be drinking?

Also, inspired by what Hayley wrote on Paramore's blog last week, I went out, trying to find "my style".

It appears I've lost it even further.

All I know is, I like checked shirts, David and Goliath tee's, converses, jeans, Trench coats, Military boots and leather jackets... OH. And Beanies.

But I don't know what my "style" is. I'll find it soon enough....

I hope.

Lauren xxx

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