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Monday, 18 April 2011

Run for your lives!

Which is more frightening: An angry Torry pupil or asbestos?

Either one is deadly, the correct answer is "Both are terrifying".

Why do I ask you this? Well...

A Torry pupil punched a wall (It made constant "Yo' Momma" jokes to the boy. The wall had it coming) and guess what?

The wall had asbestos.

So what did they do? Close the school? Give the kids a day off so they could try to fix this problem?

Naw. They put a sign up.

Do not disturb! Asbestos is sleeping!

Aberdeen schools are a joke.


We were meant to be revising for our Second prelim that is going to take place on Wednesday (which, looking back, would have been a pretty smart idea) but we are clearly little Shakespeare's in the making, so we don't need any extra revision... God no.

I know I do, but you're a rat so
what's your point?

We talked to Mrs Fulton instead.
CAITLIN: Ms... are those fit flops?

They are sexy and deep down, you know it.

MRS FULTON: Yes... I've been wearing them over the holidays and I thought, seen as it was a nice day yesterday, I could wear them again today but... *sneers and gestures to window, we look out the window and see a miserably foggy day*
CAITLIN: Do they work?
MRS FULTON: I've worn them for two years.... I'll tell you if anything happens.
CAITLIN: You should get a pair of the trainers that Mrs Murray has!
MRS FULTON: *pulls a face* Moving swiftly on...
Back to doing nothing...
CALUM: What are you doing?
ME: Nothing, just looking busy, what about you?
CALUM: Same!
Wednesday's results will be... interesting.


There was a moving twig.

I think it was a stick insect... who knows?! All I know is that it was moving.

And that Dr Robertson was being hilarious today. 
DR ROBERTSON: My sister and her Husband taught their daughter how to poop... but I could... *murmers* Donkey.
CLAIRE: What did he say?
ME: Something about a donkey?
LINZIE: I heard something about a Donkey...
ABIE: ... *stares at moving twig* 
It was just one of those weird days... as you can tell.

We even talked about tarantulas...
AARON: Tarantula's are fluffly, like eight legged hamsters.
Course they are Aaron!


I spent one period attempting to finish off my Design...

It didn't work. But I had a LOVELY chat with Sara!!

That's all that matters.

I am behind on this blog... I'm sorry. I'll snap out of it soon, don't worry!

Lauren xxx

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