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Monday, 25 April 2011

Jumbo jet landing area, please, back away.

They look so small in the pictures...


Moving on.

Redgy this morning was hilarious, mainly because of the tension between Mrs Talboys and Caitlin.

Clearly, Mrs Talboys hates Caitlin for some reason. I don't know why, Caitlin's a lovely girl, but, If I was guessing, I'd say that Mrs Talboys was jealous of Caitlin's wig on Friday.

It looked like that.
Tell me that isn't something
to be jealous of.
MRS TALBOYS: We were just saying that people who take Thursday afternoon off to prepare for Prom will not be allowed to go to prom.
CAITLIN: Seriously?!
CAITLIN: But that's not enough time to get ready!
MRS TALBOYS: How isn't it?! The Prom isn't until 7.
CAITLIN: But I get picked up at 5!
MRS TALBOYS: Well you won't be going if you're missing the last two periods...
CAITLIN: I'm not going to be skivving!!
MRS TALBOYS: Are you planning on staying on next year?
MRS TALBOYS: Where's your tie?
She's been harping on about this tie for ages. 
CAITLIN: It's not my fault If I can't get one!
MRS TALBOYS: This sheet goes to Guidance...
At this point, I must recite a twitter convo me and Lily had two days ago...
LILY: Need a 1B1 reunion haha
ME: We totally do!! Mrs Talboys is getting...annoying though... no invite for her! 
So what does Caitlin turn around and say?
CAITLIN: You were right about the 1B1 re-union!!  

Mrs Fulton... what a legend.

She was talking about last weeks Prelim and Mrs Davies (the invigilator)
MRS FULTON: All the hand signals... I thought that she was trying to land a Jumbo Jet! * imitates her*. Then I looked at Ewan and I got the giggles... she turned to me and said "You're just as bad as the children!"
Turns out, Calum is wearing Caitlin's tie.

There was actually a big arguement that went on during our English class today, even Mrs Fulton joined in!
MRS FULTON: You really can't keep the tie if she's going to get in trouble...
CALUM: Are we really having a conversation about a tie?!

Having a conversation about ties is only socially acceptable if
the tie is as awesome as this.

The fact that it was the school's tie mean that the conversation wasn't socially acceptable.

Turn around from the mind-f*ck that was the tie conversation and what do I see?

Megan sprawled out across the table, hanging over the edge.
MRS FULTON: Megan, what ar... *sees that she is reaching for a piece of paper on the ground* Oh.
Ahhh dear, what a cool teacher that woman is.

We don't get her on Wednesday though! She's being forced into doing something for the Firstyears...



I'm not even going to lie to you, I just chatted away to Abie, Claire and Linzie all period.

Biology banter = the best banter.

I finally got to buy Hayley William's cosmo!!

I was shocked Hayley's admission that her b...
I mean...
Lady MacBeth's suicide. Yeah.

That and the price of Cosmo. £4.70? Ridiculous. I only bought it because my idol is on the front cover...

Haha, I'm such a fan girl, it's unreal.

Lauren xxx

P.S. I said on LJ that I would make a drinking game out of Cosmo. Anytime you see the word "sex", take a shot. Hayley replied, saying that it would be dangerous. Upon buying the issue, I see what she means...

DON'T PLAY THAT DRINKING GAME. Or your liver will die. Seriously.

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