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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm not cheating, I'm just not playing fair.

First off, I know that not all of you readers are from Scotland, so I'm going to teach you some very boring words that you must understand before reading this post.
Prelim - Short for preliminary, it's a test we sit for each of our subjects before we sit the final exam in May/June.
Now that's done and dusted...

There was a cattle auction thingy today (Technical term) on the news this morning at 6.30am, and the farmers were being really weird.

They were using hairspray on their cows.

Mah cow looks like a Goddess.
Look how her udders dangle.

For some reason... I had this guys accent in my head while saying that. 
MUM: Why do they need hairspray?!
ME: For their cows lick!
This made me very proud of myself, nae a bad reaction time for someone who has just woken up from a very shallow, 5 hour sleep!

It was very foggy this morning. Just thought you would like to know that fact.
ME: We could just say that we got lost in the heavy fog and couldn't find our way to school.
PAUL: That works.
Although Paul shouldn't have been worried, cause he had dragonfruit vitamin water. What up?


Now I think about it, Dragonfruit sounds like something that Charlie Sheen would eat. Nom nom nom. WINNING!



I don't know about the rest of the people that sat the exam, but my hand majourly cramped up. 

It was the just the failure that surrounded the whole damn day, it was hilarious!

Three people were caught cheating on their exam. Uh oh.

The funny thing was, they didn't even cheat slyly.

Damn those arrows make it
difficult to cheat nowadays.

Dom had the notes sitting on his knees, Grant apparently had bright coloured notes and who knows what Danny was doing...

Oh, I think it was written on his hand...

That's what I heard anyways.

Mrs Davies and Jonathan were flirting too. Majorly disturbed by that.
MRS DAVIES: Jonathan, shhhh!! I'm going to see you in my dreams!
JONATHAN: Oh, I bet you will.
And biggest fail of the day (other than some of the answers we've written for the exam)?

The fact that the invigilators forgot to give out the exam question paper.

Good one guys, real intelligent.

The best part of the exam had to be when Mrs Fulton came in at the end.

Ewan looks up and gives her a wee grin.

Then they had the most epic silent conversation I have ever seen.

Mrs Davies holds up her hand for twenty seconds in same place.
Mrs Fulton stares at her for a few seconds before rolling her eyes and looks at Ewan.
Ewan laughs silently
Mrs Fulton tries to remain straight faced, shoots Ewan a "Shut up!" face.
Ewan looks scared (fake of course) and then laughs silently again.
MRS DAVIES: Five minutes to go! *hold up hand* 
Mrs Fulton gives the back of Mrs Davies head a "What are you on woman?!" look and everyone attempts to remain quiet, but ends up sitting their, in an exam hall, grinning like idiots.

Why is that, when you are in an exam hall, everything seems so much more funny?!

Me and Megan saw an amazingly cute chihuahua.

Like this, but balder.


 Lost ALL respect I ever had for Dr Robertson today... found out that he enjoys Glee...

He has a Doctorate, he's over 40... clearly he's an intelligent chap... what POSSIBLE reason would he have for watching Glee?!

Some Biology banter went down. And Biology banter always rocks.

Even if Claire and Linzie slag me off for watching the My little pony musical on youtube.

Watch it. It's beautiful.

Well... Hayley Williams had it on her tumblr.

I'm guessing that this was her face
whilst watching it.

Also, got informed of something very interesting today.

If someone dies in the middle of an exam, everyone gets an automatic A! 



Well... obviously not a win for the dead guy...

But, for everyone else, yay!
MRS DUNCAN: Question is, who are you going to sacrifice?
NIAMH: Jason.
I swear, Mrs Duncan looked tempted.

After school, we started talking about the Seven wonders of the world.
ME: Isn't the Great barrier reef one?
ABIE: I'm not being funny here, but where is the Great Barrier reef?
ME: Australia.
LINZIE: I'd have been worried if you asked where the Great wall of China was...
Lauren xxx

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