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Thursday, 28 April 2011

I play electric triangle for the Suicidal pirates.

If Jack is a suicidal pirate...
He should NOT be holding a gun.

Naaah. "Suicidal pirates" is the name of me and Laura's death-core metal band. 

If you know Laura, then you'd laugh at this, because she's without a doubt the most optimistic person I have EVER met. She can't frown. Seriously. She tried to frown and she looked like a three year old attempting to scowl.

Imagine a female version of this.

That is Laura's frown. So forced! She's too much of a cutie to be pessimstic.

That's Laura... Just so you know what she
 looks like

So... imagine Laura in one of theses bands...

Actually, I hope she DOES get into Bring me the
horizon... Oli is pretty damn hot.


Why do I have such a thing for Emo boys?! 


Attempted to study for my Psychology NAB (and failed to study for my psychology NAB) but I did see one of the best sights ever... 

 <= Fast forward to 3.40.

Chris was shuffling in Study.

Sorry... Chris was shuffling like a boss in Study.

He was really going for it, then a teacher walked past our room and had a little giggle to themselves. They must think that half of us are on drugs...

Wait... half of us are on drugs...

They must think we are all on drugs.

Then Chris started to talk gangsta.... it all went down hill from there.


I've said it so many times, but I've only got three more blog posts to complain how terrible maths is because I've only got Thursday, Friday and Tuesday to go and then boom. Finished maths.


It's an amazing feeling. However, I can't begin to describe how much I am going to miss Sophie, Calum and Dougal.

I'll see Dougal from time to time, he'll be in my English class next year, but I don't know if I'll be sitting next to him sooo *sad face*.

And Calum and Sophie are leaving for good in such a short amount of time! Makes me very upset...


We were told that next week is the last week we will ever see Dod...

Do you think that sounds sinister? I think that sounds really sinister.

This is a live feed from a cupboard in
Aberdeen college. Poor Dod.

We had Sue though, and Sue is awesome. We were doing some "focused" revision (i.e. Sue told us what is in the test) on Memory:
SUE: What are the different types of influence?
DANIELLE: I can't remember...
How ironic, people seem to have difficulty remembering memory.

Speaking to Hannah and Emma again, they are so sweet. It really annoys me that we've only started chatting to them and now? Boom. End of term.

Why does that always happen?
SCOTT: I was in Hospital for appendicitis.
HANNAH: Why didn't you die?
Haha, as said, so sweet!

Spent the entire lunchtime talking to Sam. She's one cool kiddie. But our conversations always go wrong...
ME: Who needs men anyways?
SAM: We need penis to make babies.
ME: No. We need semen to make babies.
SAM: But we need p...
ME: How did we get onto this?! 
Also, we were talking about Euphemisms:
SAM: My Gran said: "I'm going to kick the bucket", so I was like "No Grandma, you're not going to die!". She then walked over to the bin and kicked it.
ME: I'm going to kick the bucket...
SAM: Go on.
Yeah. I went and kicked the bucket. I am a zombie. Fear me.

Or... go "Awww! at me.

Back to the "Suicidal Pirates".
SAM: Can I join?
ME: Sure.
SAM: What can I do?
ME: I don't know... what can you play? 
SAM: Only singing or triangle.
ME: ... ELECTRIC triangle?
Boo. Freaking. Yah.


Not much was done. Just chilled on the hill really. Good fun!


We were meant to be revising for the writing exam... but instead?

Me and Kelly played the google auto-fill game.

Some of them are brilliant. Love this game!

Lauren xxx

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