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Saturday, 2 April 2011

I am a rampant, raping nun.

You got a problem wi' that?


Yes. I got called a "Raging, Raping Nun" by Ashleigh today.

I don't even know why...

Oh no, wait, I do.

It was raining and I had no hood so I borrowed Sara's scarf and used it as a hijab.

Hijab? Raping Nun...
Yeah... I can see where you get that from...
*shifty eyes*

I decided to pretend to be a raping Nun... and I went into Pedo bear mode.

Hide yo' kids!

By "Pedo bear mode", I mean I stared directly at Ashleigh until she turned around, and then I slowly slid down the chair until I was out of view...

I love creeping people out.

Speaking about this blog today too!
ASHLEIGH: Better write that as your blog title!
ME: I will!
LJ: You have a blog?
ME: Yeaaaah.
ASHLEIGH: Where have you been for the past...
ME: 7 months? (Jeeez!)
KIRSTY: You get all the gossip!
LJ: I don't want to read gossip.
ASHLEIGH: But it's not all gossip.
LJ: You said it was! 
Gossip? Me? NEVER!

Speaking of gossip....

No. I don't think I have any gossip today.

Unless you want to hear about the condition of Caitlin's room?

Nah. Didn't think you would.


Mrs Fulton seemed VERY calm for today being folio deadline!

In fact, so was so calm, she put on "Outnumbered" for us.

Productive lesson, as you can clearly tell.

Sorry. Genuinely couldn't keep a straight face. 
Megan was speaking about these girls who would literally socially exclude their "friends" if their hair was a mess or they didn't wear make-up.

Which, lets face it, is sickening.

Hate someone who's spreading rumours, or hatred. NOT someone who is merely being themselves.

Calum and Caitlin were "fighting" 
CALUM: Get on the bus back to Kincorth, then PHONE ME and I'll pick you up.
CAITLIN: I didn't take my phone!
CALUM: Well that's a lot of... *mumbles* good!
MRS FULTON: Do you want me to give you some money?
MRS FULTON: Because I can't leave you stranded!
She's like a little superhero. 
Like THAT. But not as slutty.
Or slutty at all.

Went for break, and you know the "turd muffins" I used to tell you about?

You know, Turd Muffin.

Well, I give you... JIZZ MUFFIN.


Okay, my camera is in getting fixed right now, so there's no picture, just use your imagintion.

It's a muffin, with clumped on, white buttercream on top.


Mmm. Yummy.


Good thing?

I realised that I've only got roughly 15 more periods of Maths again... in the rest of my life.

Bad thing?

I realised that I've only got roughly 15 more periods of Maths again with Sophie, Calum and Dogugal, in the rest of my life.

Queue the waterworks.

But seriously... THANK GOD I'm coming close to never EVER having to do another exponential function or draw a tan graph.

Seriously. Bleh.

Told Calum about how Michelle's cat attacked my viciously. It just really hates me.

Well you know what Kitty? I HATE YOU TOO.


Adele won a limo ride!

Which is pretty damn awesome! Sophie was totally chumming her up, trying to hitch a ride ;)

Haha, don't blame her!

Mr Hughes was trying to be funny again...
SOPHIE: Is it okay if me and Calum can go down to see Fullo?
CALUM: Mrs Fulton.
MR HUGHES: So are you Sophie-o?
*thuds head repeatedly on desk*


We have NO-WHERE to go now Mr Moody has stolen the Study room... Grrr... so we just went up and along every floor in the school.

We got up to third floor, and we were talking and looking at the giant map.... when Mrs Murray came out.
MRS MURRAY: What are you girls doing?!
Okay, before I can justify our actions, you must understand why we re-acted the way we did.

When adults see Mrs Murray, they see her for what she is...

Elton John's Mother 
A small, red haired lady.

When pupil's see her on the other hand?

Let's just say we perceive her as menacing.

So, when she asked us (angrily) what we were doing... we stared at her for a fifth of a second before all doing a ninety degree turn and bashing our faces off the map.

Seriously, we were standing that close to it.


So stressful.

Found out that I have to complete TWO folios in the next 28 days...


Went out to Chiquitos with Abie and Lewis at night.

Had a great time! I love our Friday's out!

Abie booked a table but it wasn't ready by the time we got there... So the wifey that greets you almost got a table buzzer somewhere dark and painful.


Lauren xxx

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