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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Oh Dr Robertson, what a sweetie pie he is.

First up? Mood today has vastly improved. I still need to blog for yesterday, not that much happened yesterday and besides, I was in a really bad place. 

But it's all good now. So don't you worry your pretty little head.

Kincorth pupils got a fancy coach to take us to school again today...

First bus must have us confused with school that can actually afford comfy seats and air-con...

I am fairly disturbed, when I googled 
"Posh schools", this photo came up...
You know those Playboy bunnies, world renowned
 for their intellectual abilities.

Stepped off of the bus feeling like a plastic bag... I mean, feeling like P Diddy, I mean feeling like a G6....

No. But I'm feeling
a little like an idiot.

I stepped off of the bus feeling like a pimp. Not that I would know what It feels like to be a pimp...

But I presume that all you need to do is
use the word "ho" in every sentence,
perfect your smug "sexy duck" face
and wear lots of animal prints/bling

Unless the life of a pimp is deceptively hard...



Back to the good old days of doing nothing.

Lauren got annoyed cause she waved to us all and got ignored by everyone... So I went over and gave her a hug.

Is there anything that a hug can't fix?

Okay, it can't fix that.

Or that.
We've discovered that a hug
cannot fix everything. Move On.


Sticking masking tape to a template.

So busy.

This folio has genuinely been giving me trouble.

Hopefully, I can blitz it at the weekend.

Fun times lie ahead.


Fullo banter was replaced with Geddes banter.

Well... Geddes/McGlynn/Murray banter. 

Actually... Geddes/McGlynn/Murray/Armstrong/Clark banter with a silent conversation with Billy added in for the giggles.

But that hardly rolls off the tongue...

Why didn't I just say epic banter to begin with?

Great. Now I've over-used the word banter and it sounds weird now.

I laugh everytime Megan does an impersonations of someone. It's uncanny how well she manages to portray their mannerisms, even their tone of voice. 

Everyone's got their leaver's hoodies just now, which rock. They remind me of the American varsity jackets, purely because of their colours. They look so good, but the sizes are messed up.
CALUM: This is a medium, but look *displays all the room he has in the hoodie*
CAITLIN: That's a medium?! I thought you would have taken the large...
Poor Calum!

Megan was speaking about her typing problems too, saying that she went to "shit" in someone's car. Instead of "sit" in someone's car.

The simple things in life make me giggle.

Mrs McKay was trying to dampen the mood though, it's alright, I just asked her about Loch Nagar and she mellowed out.

Just kidding! But that woman seriously has an obsession with those mountains.
CAITLIN: Ms, are you going to prom?
MRS MCKAY: Yes, I am.
CAITLIN: What are you wearing
MRS MCKAY: A dress.
CAITLIN: What kind of dress?
MRS MCKAY: A plain black one, sleeveless.
Riveting conversation. 

Talked to Sam at lunch, she tattooed herself accidentally yesterday.

I know what you are thinking "What? How can you possibly tattoo yourself accidentally?" (Unless you are thinking "Why am I reading this shit?" then, clearly, I need to take more 'How to be psychic' classes)

But the reason she tattooed herself accidentally was because she had the tattoo gun switched off (don't ask why she has a tattoo gun), assumed there was no ink left (don't ask why she only assumed this) and began jabbing the shape of a smiley face into her skin (Just... don't ask.)

So now, she's got a smiley face tattoo. For life. What a numpty.

To understand the origins of the next conversation, allow me to take you back to last week's tweet:
From now on, I'm going to break awkward silences by saying, in a low, husky voice: "I'm Batmaaaaaaan."
Which brought us to:
ME: I'm Batmaaaaaaaan.
SAM: I want Batman to molest me.
ME: I left my bedroom window open last Summer at night so Batman could swoop in and molest me.
SAM: *laughs*
ME: ... I don't lie.
SAM: You're being serious, aren't you?
Yes. I did this.

Not even for comic effect, I. DID. THIS.


And back to "Dr Robertson is such a sweetie"

We had a NAB today. And Dr Robertson basically gave us the upcoming questions.

Boo yah!

Although he did have major trouble with the word "celebs".

To (eventually)

He may have a doctorate, but typing isn't his strong suit.

Next period was just spent doing the NAB. It wasn't too bad, because we knew most of the answers and Abie kept me amused.

She was waving her ruler around everywhere to get people's attentions and then she showed me a magic trick.
ABIE: *moving lips but not speaking* Watch this!
Abie then covers up the calculator with the ruler, and because it's solar powered?

The calculator went off...

Then she removed it and, PRESTO!

It went back on again.

What can I say? Abie is easily amused magic.

Lauren xxx

P.S. Had this in my head all day. 

"And he waddled away *waddle waddle*"

Thought I'd share.

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