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Saturday, 23 April 2011


What do you get when Buzz Lightyear meets Buzz Lightyear?


It was the day of Danielle's party, may I just add at this point that it was a fancy dress party, and I didn't have anything to wear.

I wasn't quite at that stage...
But I was still pretty desperate.

Lewis didn't have a costume either, so it made me feel less like a complete social reject. Despite this, I still raided my wardrobe in search for a top that could double as a costume.

All I found was a shirt thing that could have double as a ninja.

But I fought against the urge to go as a ninja.

About half an hour before the party, I decided to go as "the person that was never told it was a fancy dress party".

Lewis went as the Spice Girls tour manager.

To think, these girls were my first album buy.
It's like losing your virginity, you can never take that one back.

The party was in this little place on Holburn street called "The Belmont Social club". Anyone that lives in Aberdeen should know that there is a street called Belmont street and that having some place called "The Belmont social club" on a street other than Belmont street is just asking for trouble.

Me and Lewis were fine though, because my Dad gave us a lift.

In fact, we were the second and third people there (when we finally discovered how to get to the party).

Seriously, we walked through the doors and went into the members only area, then we almost went through to the toilets, and then we tried opening the door to the place we were meant to go and you know what? The door wouldn't even open.

When we finally figured out how to get in, we saw a lonely Buzz Lightyear sitting across the room.

That lonely Buzz Lightyear was Calum.

We quickly discovered that there was a smoke machine that you could not switch off. And it looked like a computer taking a wee malfunction.

Just a little, smoking, possibly 
catastrophic malfunction.

Then Ross and Stewart came in, dressed as Tigger and Mr Potatohead.

It was a magical moment.

Also, the costume gave Ross a fantastic chat up line:
ROSS: Feel my tail!
He said that to God knows how many girls last night.
ROSS: Feel my tail!
Rhaegan feels his tail.
ME: He's been saying that all night!
RHAEGAN: I thought I was special!!
Andrew also had a chat up line (or he COULD have, if only he used it!)
"Want to stroke my snake?"
He came as this:

If anyone sat on Ross' tail, he would jump and go "Woo hoo hoo hooooo!"
ME: When's the rest of the 100 acres crew coming?
He gave me an excuse for all of the Winnie the Pooh characters. It was a magical moment.

Another magical moment was when he told us all that he almost printed off an ID for Tigger at his work that had Tigger's picture, his name and his address as 100 acres wood. Genius!

He sang that perfectly too. Way too much time was put into his costume!!

Stewart made his own costume out of a cardboard box, which was pretty epic!

His ears looked like little bits of ham. Yummy!

But it was when "The Spice girls" and "Lady Gaga" arrived that things got really nuts. Because, being V.I.P (Very important pop-stars), they needed to arrive in style.

Queue the limo! 
Chauffeured by Johnny.

Caitlin was Scary Spice, but in reality, the only thing scary about her was the uncanny resemblance her wig had to Mel B's hair.
Rhaegan was Sporty Spice.
Laura was Ginger Spice and managed to stand up in absolute killer of heels.
Megan was Posh Spice, however, Lewis ruined the allusion by guessing that her sunglasses were from Primark. Not very posh.
Adele was Baby Spice.

Lily was in their little group, but she came as Alice in Wonderland.

Sophie was Lady Gaga, and I swear, you haven't LIVED until you see the photos of her costume!

I was going to describe it, but I really can't. It's something that you have to see.

It's a leotard with giant shoulder, a stylish brown, sparkly leaf inspired... thing on her crotch, a wig, a poker face styled mask and a sparkly microphone.

In short, she was wearing so much glitter,
Ke$ha would even be weary of her.

The leotard didn't come without it's problems though.
SOPHIE: This leotard is raping my ass! >_<
Gaga has the same trouble.

All of them did good representations of who they dressed as, as long as you consider the celebrities being drunk at the time.

Seriously, they were bleezing.

It was hilarious though, I was speaking to Megan, she's such a cutie!
MEGAN: I told my Mum that you were going to be here, so she'd thought that tonight would be sensible! ... Who are you related to?
ME: My Godmother is Carolyn.
MEGAN: Carolyn?
ME: Cowie.
MEGAN: Ahhh!! My Mum's side of the family are Cowie's, my Dad's side are Hird's!
Cowie and Hird = Match made in heaven.

MEGAN: Did you know me and Lauren were related?!
This became Megan's catchphrase for the night.

The night just seemed to get better and better, It was so good!

I met this girl called Ellen, the conversation went kind of like this:
ELLEN: Hi! You don't know me, but I read your blog, so It kind of feels like I know you, I'm sorry, that's really creepy isn't it?
Answer to that question: No! I think it's possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard!

But we got talking, and It was awesome! Ellen, you are now my bud and you are a real sweetie pie!

Louise seemed really nice too, sadly, didn't really get much of a chance to talk to her. 

Virtual fist bump to my new buddies.

Ross had began to strip off a little... It was frightening.

Tigger's aren't meant to be slutty!!

The best thing I heard all night though was that Kyle was stuck on Belmont street (told you having a club called the Belmont social club on Holburn street was a bad idea), dressed as a hippie.

Free love! Peace! TIE DYE!

So he had to walk onto the longest and busiest street in the whole of Aberdeen, Union Street, dressed as a hippie, just to get to the party.

Oh dear.

The weird thing about the whole night was everyone's choice of shoes.

Everyone had amazing costumes, but if you looked down at their feet, they were all wearing trainers that stuck out from their costume like a sore thumb.

Megan's wig fell off too.

I told her:
ME: It looked like Mrs Duguid's wig in the "Attack of the herbals" trailer.
Please fast forward to 0.54 and gaze upon the
sight of my ex-R.M.E teacher pretending
to be a tea zombie.

Ewan then walked through the door and the atmosphere changed completely (Hyperbole ALERT). He was wearing...

A Buzz Lightyear costume.


At this moment, Calum looked around and saw Ewan in the same costume as him, and Ewan mirrored him completely. Then Ewan strode over to Calum and they started shouting at eachother.

All for comedic effect of course!

Ahhh wow. Best moment of my week.

The night ended with a mosh to "Loch Lommond".

Yes. A mosh.

You read right.

A mosh and hugs. 

I was really feeling the love last night actually. People kept saying things like:
"I'm so glad you came."
I'm not sure how many of these things were said in a drunken haze, but I don't really care, It made me realise just how awesome the people I know are and makes me regret that I don't speak to them enough. So many people that were at the party last night, I wouldn't even stop in the corridor to say Hi to, and that SUCKS. Because they are little legends. All of them. And I can't even put into words how much I'm going to miss my 6th year buddies when they leave. In fact, I made Calum promise that we'd go to the cinema or starbucks or something else along those lines after he left school. I don't know what I'm going to do without him, Sophie, Ewan, Danielle..... Insert anyone at that party's name here! 

Going to sign off by saying that This post was one of the things that convinced me to go to this party, despite not having a costume, and the fact that I hardly speak to so many people, it helped nudge me into going.

So if there's something that you were invited to and you're deliberating over whether or not to go, please, GO. You don't want to looks back on your life wondering "What if", you want to look back on your life and say "Remember when".

Lauren xxx

P.S. Danielle looked amazing as Esmeralda. She could have totally went into town dressed like that and no-one would notice a thing.

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