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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Attack of the bright clothes!

Woah! Not that bright!

THAT'S the brightness level
I was talking about!

I was out with a group of my buds last Saturday for Linzie's birthday, we went bowling followed by Chiquito's.

It's nice to have a day where you can just chill with your buds! Feels great! 

So there was the six of us, me, Linzie, Megan, Claire, Jennifer and Laura. 

Jennifer had just got back from Florida, where she was doing the Cheerleading world championships! 

It's insane how talented that girl is, I swear.

I love bowling so much, but I hate going bowling with Linzie for one reason and one reason only:

She always bring up my past fails.

Confessions of a movie geek time!


Once upon a time (because, it really was that long ago), there was a bowling party. Linzie's bowling party actually. And this humble little movie geek was hardly a conforming bowler.

I'd slam myself down on my knees whilst sliding the ball.

And hey, It was working, why complain?


*mumbles* I kind of broke the barrier.

Yeah, I did a bit of a wrong slide and my bowling ball went slamming into the barriers that make it impossible to get the ball into the gutter and... it broke in two.

Half an hour later (no hyperbole there, it was literally half an hour later), the staff came out... with duct-tape.

The silver tape that symbolises my failure.

The worst part about the whole situation? It was a light up barrier.

So it went "Light light light light DUCT-TAPE!! Blank blank blank blank".

Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Of. My. Life.

Back to last Saturday's events.

I was searching for a theme song, you know, to pump me up for bowling, so what does Linzie suggest?
LINZIE: Achey Breaky heart!
Clearly a reference to the barrier incident.
ME: Break even!
Yes. I joined in because if you can't beat em, join em.

Megan had the most amazing bowling technique I've ever seen.

I've never seen the ball move so slow.

I'm not kidding you when I say that the ball stopped right before the end of the lane. 

Bowling fails rule.

Megan's clothes were really bright (hence the title), the kid has such courage when it comes to wearing clothes that are bright or a little "out there", I love her for that!

Chiquito's was awesome, the banter we had was also awesome, if not a little bit inappropriate for a public space. Who cares though? They shouldn't be lugging in!

It was a really good day. 

Lauren xxx

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