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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stop blinding me with your tie!!


Uniform check!!


Why does it feel like we're in the army?!

Today, we had a uniform check because Mr Whyte (The Headteacher) was talking to us.

When you hear Mr Whyte you think of something like...

True story, we thought Mr Whyte was going to be black.

We're a sucker for some irony.

But, as we soon found out, he was not black.

He was very much white.

White with a awesome taste in ties.

He's got a thing about Uniform. I figure that as long as we're all identically miserable, the world is a good place.

He came into our P.S.E class and started talking to us about the "choice" forms.

I put choice in inverted commas/Bunny ears because I do not believe it's a choice... the choices year were not much but compared to this year, it looks like a god damn selection box!!

Mmmm. Chocolate.

No Psychology, no sociology, no Photography, no Hospitality, no accounts, no media studies. Nothing of real interest.

And the integrated house groups redgy idea went down well...

If an angry mob is the definition of "Went down well".

Linzie is recovering from being ill, and the school is BOILING. So she took off her blazer.

You know. To avoid that.

But NO. That's not allowed in Kincorth Academy!
MRS ANDERSON: Linzie, you're going to have to put your blazer on to go downstairs, you are meant to be a role model.
Linzie laughs and starts to leave
MRS ANDERSON: Linzie! Blazer.
LINZIE: Are you serious?

We were talking about toilets (what else?) when we got back to our P.S.E. class.

MEGAN: The girls toilets weren't open so I just had to use the boys and squat.
Mr Whyte had a talk with me after that...

His tie was BRIGHT green... It probably glowed in the dark.

And he has a staring problem... intense eye contact, it's...


Intense... that's a cool word right?



Abie is getting a dog.

It will be called Freddie.

And ,from what I can conclude from Abie's impersonation, it has a tongue like this:

She showed me a picture of him, he is so cute.

And when you put him down after picking him up, he does a little stagger before he finds his feet again.

Adorable. In every sense of the word.

Kelly didn't know that Aberdeen had a central library until yesterday.

It's central... There's no reason NOT to
know of it's existence.

OOH! Have to remember to tell Kelly tomorrow that it's meant to be haunted.



Spent the entire two periods working...

And by working, I mean making fimo roses.

Kelly has finally finished her globe.

It's looking awesome! Even if she was annoyed that she had to get her picture taken for it.

Kati came out with a weird thing today...
KATI: What would you rather have, Parkinson's or cancer?
They are both such great choices(!)


*sigh* Sometimes, you just know that it's going to be a weird period...

This was one of those days.

Went into the class and was confronted with "PRAWN CRACKERS", scrawled madly on the board.
SOPHIE: Mr Hughes... why is Prawn Crackers written on the board?
He starts laughing...
MR HUGHES: Mr Shaw told me that if I wrote that on the board, someone would ask me why by the end of the period.
Random. Completely random. But I'll buy that. 

Sophie then spits on him.

NOOOOO! Not spitoon worthy, "I hate you, eat my spit" kind of spitting. But she talked and then a bit of saliva jumped onto him.

Ewwwww ^_^
SOPHIE: Sorry about that Mister... would you like some hand sanitizer?
MR HUGHES: No, no! But if my hand falls off... ARGH! *He is handless, as he put his hand up his sleeve*
*shakes head* This is what I have to put up with.

Give me some sympathy.

Lauren xxx

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