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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Oh the confusion of "Biology terms"... More on that later.

I was late to school. Again. Wednesday's aren't my day.

Seriously, haven't you ever had one of those days where you've looked outside, seen that it's all foggy and raining and went "Gaaah." 

Okay... Maybe you didn't articulate quite like that, but inserted a word perhaps a little bit more intellectual than the noises that a 3 month old can make.

"I developed from a corpus luteum...
and I appear to have defecated in my nappy.

Be incredibly suspicious of a three month old that can use words like that.


Turned up twenty minutes late...

But in my defense, it was the buses fault!

If a timetable says that a bus should come at 22 minutes past 8, then a bus should come at 22 minutes past 8, right!?

No. It came at 35 minutes past 8. 


Sara was very chuffed because she got a tweet from Sean Batty.

Who's Sean Batty?

EVERYONE'S favorite weatherman.

And if he's not your favorite weatherman? Clearly you've never seen his weather forecast.
SARA: Jealous!
ME: Of what?!
SARA: @ tweetin' ya ofc!
ME: Haha, cute! Me and @ are buds, right Sean? ;)
SEAN: Of course! :) 
Sum up my feelings in one word?


So I asked him to make Sara's day and tweet her.
SEAN:  Hi there hope you've had a nice day!
What a cutie.


Well... Art was boring, insert this awesome picture of a cat getting swished by a giant boob.
Is it getting squished?
It looks pretty damn contented for dying.
Then again, it is a boob.
Male cats would probably like that!

Found out that Danny (the boy that stripped naked yesterday) got excluded. UNTIL EXAMS.

That's a bitty far.


Mrs Fulton was having a wee chat with us about names.
MRS FULTON: I always wanted an exotic name. Then I married a Smith... *rolls eyes* I was Jill Smith. I didn't even have a middle name! Then I married a Fulton and even that isn't really exciting...
ASHLEIGH: I want to name my child Rayne.
MEGAN: What a depressing name.
MRS FULTON: Ohhh but you have to be careful with things like that! My friend is called Hay, and she married a Hay. Fay Hay. *pained expression* Or what about Pixie? If you name your child Pixie, and she turns out to be a 6ft 2in, 17 stone woman, what are you going to do? And Rayne... what's going to happen when she's down at the Post Office when she's 70, collecting her pension? *Old lady voice* "Ooooh, call me Rayne!".
And Mrs Fulton DIDN'T give Calum any type of medicine because she's not allowed to.

And Calum DIDN'T take it from her cause that's naughty...

MRS FULTON: I've got Boots the pharmacy in this bag! I'm barking like an old seal.
Yeaaah, she really didn't sound so good...

But she was hardly like that.

Went to see Mrs Rankin with Megan, so she could figure out what was meant to be written for her drama.

She gave her a highfive. A POWERFUL high five.
MRS RANKIN: Ahhhh... you always hit me so hard!
MEGAN: That's cause I'm a boy.
Wait. WHAT?


Learning about "friendly gestures" in Biology.

Me and Abie were confused over what a "shaka" is.

It's the surfer dude gesture. Who knew?

But me and Abie didn't know that so we just extended our arms and shook our upper body.


Went through to Mrs Duncan's room... she was being mean!
MRS DUNCAN: There's been a mistake with our phoenix application and there's one person less doing the exam... so we've got to choose one of you not to do the exam.
At this point, Abie was ready to stand up and do a heroic "I will do it over two years... for YOU!" speech.

Like this, minus the fire.
And the leathers.
And the sexily angry face.
So not like that at all really.

Turns out, she was only joking.


Abie wasn't having a great day in this classroom though...
MRS DUNCAN: What's 3 plus 5?
ABIE: 7!
She swears that she thought Mrs Duncan asked "What's 2 plus 5?". You can choose whether you wish to believe that or not. 

She went onto describe recycling water down in England.

MRS DUNCAN: They put a brick in their system to save water.
ABIE: They put a brick in their toilet?! 
Oh Abie.

Lauren xxx 

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