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Thursday, 24 March 2011


Throw a pineapple at me and call me Jim.

On second thoughts, please don't.
Pineapples are spiky.

I have failed you all. I haven't been up to date with this blog since Monday!!

But I have an excuse.

Mainly, The Script.

We are getting ahead of ourselves, please, step into the DeLorean and rewind back to Tuesday Morning.


Those that can be classed as "dedicated readers" may remember me harping on about a talk called "Safe drive, stay alive" a few months back.

If you don't, no worries, this is just the talk that goes along with it.

The police guy that was doing the talk was way too energetic for a morning.
POLICEMAN: So... you've passed your test. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
At this point, several people crap themselves. Another handful jump quite noticeably in fright. I was one of the one's who jumped.

But the guy had some knowledge.
POLICEMAN: Men can't handle two criticisms, one is their driving skills and the other is.... well... it's not their cooking.
How could someone possibly criticise
 a boy for his sausage?!
Perfectly baked everytime.


Had to finish off this experiment thing. Uncool.

But hey, I passed. That's all that matters.


Finishing off my folio. Again, not interesting in the slightest.

Lunch was REALLY cute though.

It was Natalie's birthday, so her friends (Sophie Calum, Danielle, etc) went to the trouble of decorating the Hot Bar in banners and photos, they even had balloons.

And then Calum came out holding a cake... with lit, colour changing candles.

So sweet!
MEGAN: My Mum and Dad don't even go to that much trouble for my Birthday...

Was separated from Calum and Sophie.

*Big sad face*

But sat beside Jaye and Reece, so it was okay.

I turned to my left and thought I saw Sophie and Jo doing lines on their jotters.

Turned out, they were playing that game where you have to try to eat magic stars without touching them.

How do you do that you ask me?


Note: Never play that game with a Henry hoover.
You WILL lose.

REECE: What do you have to do?
JO: Just suck it up, really hard.
That's what she said alert.


Reece goes over and has a go. What happens? He sticks his tongue out frog style and eats that bad boy.


And then he tries it again (properly this time) and fails miserably.

Don't worry Reece. Magic stars are only for pros.#

Then he was trying to levitate a malteaser

Like that. But with no annoying trance beat in the background.

It didn't work. Malteasers were flying around everywhere.

At night, I headed out to the AECC (again!) to see The Script with Chloe

It was AMAZING. I kid you not, we were half a meter away from Danny.

On THREE different occasions.

Don't believe me?


Just about fainted. 

Some of their TV performances haven't sound 100%. That is NOT their fault, I assure you. They sound amazing live.

They had a little drink on stage and Mark told us about Danny's "Drunk dialling".

It was. AWESOME.

Lauren xxx

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