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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Master the art of blowing (feathers)

I love Thursdays.

Was walking to the bus stop this morning, got picked up by Jennifer. Apparently, Dr Robertson's stories (see yesterday's blog) had not blown over yet.

Had an assembly about the humanist religion today.

We all came out as humans.


ANOTHER carphone warehouse is opening in Union Square... 

Another one? They must think we are really lazy if 
they don't think we can walk to one of the 
three shops that already exist in the 
shopping centers

That means one thing and one thing only....

Job opportunities!!

You see, my friend Laura has applied for... well... must be around about twenty jobs so far. And, guess what? She hasn't got one yet.

Not even an interview.

But she can be a bitty blonde sometimes (can't we all?) and Linzie thinks that she wouldn't make a good phone's sales person.
CUSTOMER: Excuse me, can you tell me what features this phone has?
LAURA: Don't know.
CUSTOMER: Well... what does it do?
LAURA: This one's blue and this one's pink.
CUSTOMER: So, what one is better?
LAURA: *Patronizingly* This one's blue and this one's pink.
CUSTOMER: What's the price?
LAURA: Can you nae read?! *throws phone off of him*
Disturbingly, I can see this becoming a reality....


Not much studying going on, when is my thick brain going to realize that it's only 7 weeks to the exams?!

We were "reminding" Linzie of the good old days, where she used to play Clarinet, and she played the Blue's Brothers "Everybody needs somebody".

Heh-heh. She's never living that down.


SO annoyed. I knew most of the answers to the prelim now.

It wasn't actually that bad... It was just the wording that was tripping us all up if I'm being honest.

I feel sorry for Dougal, anytime my table are stuck on a question, we ask him for the answer. He's a hero. But he doesn't really want to help us constantly so he's a reluctant one to say the least.

Calum wasn't there (skiver!) because he had to run home (NOTE: He did not literally run home) and grab something for his interview at Markies.

Sophie told us that she was going to enter the "Kincorth's got talent" competition with....

Interpretive dance.

Got to love interpretive dance.
Especially if Louie Spence is the one doing it.

Although... Sophie says she doesn't really know what interpretive dance is. So this should be interesting!



Even though Dod was off...

We had Sammy's Mum as a guest lecturer instead!

Who, I now LOVE because she told us what we were going to have in our prelim!

But shhh! Don't tell Dod.

Sara forgot her folder in English, even though it is HUGE and the size of a first year. So we went up to Ms Ashleigh's room and what do we see?

Ms Ashleigh and Mrs Ashleigh having a romantic lunch together... Awkwaaaaard.

Then Mrs Anderson came down the corridor and she was saying how she was tired and ill, shame. I told her to go home (in a nice way... I think) and she said that she wishes she could.

She COULD. Just saying. She's got a fancy crossfire too, I'm sure she'd be home before we could realize that she had even left.

Also, got to go to this stupid "information evening" next week so we can find out the S6 choices. Mrs Anderson told me to get my Mum to ask Mr Whyte about the photography course directly.


Talking about one legged prostitutes, having sex on a running machine and what Kelly says whilst drunk.
KELLY: Do you smell cauliflowers?
Just you're average free period.

Grant was eating sweets, so he was tossing them to people in the library, Kristina says she wanted one so she caught it and then placed it down on the table.
LAUREN: What are you doing?!
KRISTINA: I'm not hungry just now.
LAUREN: Then why did you ask for a sweet?! 
Best thing ever?
ME: Can you have sex on a running machine?
LAUREN: I know someone who has had sex on a running machine.
LAUREN: Yeah, he was on top of her and then her hand slipped, and pressed the on button and she went shooting out from under him.

Ahhh, hilarious as ever.

Don't get me wrong though, we are a VERY bitchy class.

But we are like a family.

Kelly's globe was finally done. Notice the stress on the word was?

Mr McDonald came over to her and, honest to god, said this:
MR McDONALD: Maybe add oil to it? An oil rig maybe?
You should have seen Kelly's face at that suggestion.

She got confused with that idea so she just took out one of the feathers and started blowing it again.

Sara came over and started making inappropriate comments...
SARA: You're getting really good at blowing!
Something every girl wants to hear.

Kelly's going to see "Death of a salesman" with her English class tonight.
KELLY: I'm going to the theatre tonight!
ME: Oh! To see what?
KELLY: Death of a Salesman.
ME: Is it good?
KELLY: How am I meant to know?! Haven't watched it yet!
Oh the humiliation. 

And we're thinking of going out as a "goodbye" to Kristina (sad face).

Lauren xxx

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