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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lesbian rabbits.

All shall be explained.

Once again, fantastic day. Mother Nature? You're cruel behavior to us over Winter has been forgiven (P.S. thanks for the snow day)

Today was good. Apart from the fact that Kelly wasn't in P.E. and Art today cause she, Lewis and Lee had their Hospitality exam (which I hope went well!)


Usual sort of stuff, doing absolutely nothing, sitting around on the floor...

That was, until...

The head of P.E. came up to Fitness and told us all:
MR MCNAUGHTAN: Go and do something! Mr Whyte is coming to visit with a councilor. You can go back to do nothing in five 
So that's what happened.

We all went onto the rowing machines, cross trainers, exercise bikes etc for a few minutes until Mr Whyte came up, councilor in tow, and as soon as they went away, we stopped exercising. 

I call it the Homer Simpson technique.

I love the deception that Kincorth Academy has to deploy, merely to stay open. Fantastic.

Megan was attempting to come up with her stage name for RSAMD. Because Megan Stewart is not "billboard material". 

Some of the names that were being thrown around were hilarious.


Not as good without Kelly.

Still doing design, was just drawing a rose. Didn't go too bad!

Just speaking to Kati and Hayleigh for the whole period, should see Hayleigh's rose that she made out of fake petals to put on her dress. It's gorgeous!

Lugging into parts of other conversations too.
ZOE: *tries to open drawer, sees it's locked* What's in this drawer Mr McDonald?
MR MCDONALAD: That's where I keep my pornos. 
Some people laugh nervously.
MR MCDONALD: Please take that as being a joke! Here, better take the key... prove that it was just a joke!
GREG: You would have regretted that if the councilor came through the door at the moment you said that!
Heh. What a legend.


Mrs Fulton was off (English teachers have bad attendance) so we were stuck got Ms Shaw and Mrs Still instead.

They expected us to write two critical essays, in two hours, with no notes, and a question paper that had insanely hard questions.

Needless to say, some people couldn't be assed.

Megan didn't attempt it, Billy chose the wrong question, I had writer's block, Lee had a Hospitality exam, Caitlin didn't write a lot, Sean didn't write anything and Calum and Ashleigh played hangman.

Woo. We're getting A's in the final for sure!

It was hilarious though, Ms Shaw was going over what we had to do, and we said that we couldn't do it without the notes.
MS SHAW: You're prelim was just last week (NOTE: It was two weeks ago). You should be able to remember your revision!
CAITLIN: *laughs in disbelief, a hissing noise comes out at the end*
Caitlin then applies some lipbalm.
MS SHAW: Is that to stop the hissing?
She then left the classroom, our class was in pure silence and all you could hear was a muffled Ms Shaw complaining:
MS SHAW: She hissed at me!
Then we just learnt a little about Shakespeare. Let me share some knowledge with you:

He was married to Anne Hathaway. 

This is not the Anne Hathaway that Shakespeare married.

He was bisexual.

He wrote Sonnet 18 (Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?) to the dude he was sleeping with.

He looked like a Butcher.

He was NOT a Butcher.

He was very wealthy and 10,000 spectators went to see one of his plays.

He took cannabis (supposedly).

Learn something new everyday.

Calum tried to sneak away early.
CALUM: Ms, can I go?
MS SHAW: You got somewhere to be like?
CALUM: Lunch.
Haha, nice try bud!

Halle came to see us at Lunch! Very happy. Got to give her a GIANT squeezy hug before she goes away to New Zealand for a few weeks.

Hopefully, she's going to come back with a gold medal!

Also, saw some uneducated graffiti...
"We were all here".

Only in Kincorth.

Poor Abie can't eat the school's yoghurt anymore...

It contains beef gelotine.

I.e. Jellyised beef... Ewwwww.

New phrase of the day?
"Fit's adoo with yer Petite Filous?"


Awww, so funny today!

We were learning about the brain, so someone's skull (NOTE: Someone's skull, not a skull) was passed round. 

Claire was mighty freaked out by this skull. Me and Abie had a much more laid back approach...
SKULL: *Mouth flapping, Abie controlling this* Hello Linzie!
It had it's front teeth missing. Sexy.
DR ROBERTSON: What was your first memory?
Everyone ponders.
DR ROBERTSON: Mine was back in Nursery. I wet myself. My son went one better though, he was sick on his first day.

Best thing he came out with though?
DR ROBERTSON: I have two female rabbits and... they know their meant to do something so they... climb on top of eachother...
Nah nah nah nah naaaah! Dr Robertson has lesbian rabbits!

Although, I'm sure any rabbit would go gay
 for this particular rabbit...

We were talking about stuffed animals and Abie came out with a story that had me and Linzie in tears of laughter.

She was at this museum place in third year, where you are surrounded by stuffed animals (Creepy, I know) and she sat on a chair that was easily stuck.

So she tried to slide it backwards  but it didn't work, so she put more force of it and, in her own words, "wiped out two sections of animals", including an owl and several trays of butterflies.

Or at least, that's the story as I heard it. There was something about a head ending up on her lap too... 

Another time perhaps?

Lauren xxx

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