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Friday, 18 March 2011

If there was a Boy George look-a-like contest, you'd win for sure.

Would the real Boy George please stand up?

It is Red Nose Day today.

Red Nose Day is brilliant. Charity and hilarity go together hand in hand. They even look similar. In a literal sense of course.

So, Kincorth Academy raised funds in the only way it knew how:

A come as you please day.

A come as you please day where you HAVE to wear some sort of red.

But, different year groups have a different attitude towards come as you please days:

"We need to wear red? NO!! I better go as a tomato, just to make sure I don't get shouted at."

"Do I have to go to school? Fine. FINE. I am going in my pyjamas."

"I don't own anything red. I am coming in School Uniform. You can't stop me"

"I don't own anything red... I am going to put on some Slash style face paint. I may look like the joker, but at least I'm still doing what I'm told."

"I am not going to wear anything red, because I'm a fearless b*stard!!"

"I am going to wear a white top with red underwear, and if anyone asks where my red clothing is, I am going to flash them. Yeaaaah."

Anyways, Megan came out of her car looking like... well, Boy George meets Bob Ross meets Hairy biker.

I can't even begin to explain how much respect I have for her for doing that. It takes guts. Especially seen as so many people are vanity obsessed little monsters who bitch about one another 24/7. It's a joke. Laugh.


Lots of stuff on forgetting.

I've forgotten most of it.

Ohhhh the irony.
DOD: Let's look at a situation, John has just started out going out with a girl, but he calls her by his ex's name. What do we have?
ME: A problem.
Bless. I love Dod. Not in a creepy way, but in a very respectful, "we could be buddies" way. 

He has facebook.

How do I know that?

It involved mugging this guy.

Nah. Sara told me.

Don't ask.


Beautifully relaxing. We ended up just watching some of MacBeth and having a chat with Mrs Fulton.

What a legend she is.

She was telling us about the Angels and Demons tour in Rome, she couldn't recommend it enough, so if you are going to Rome, have a look at the tour.

You are going to get one of two guides

Guide one is a ridiculously hot, young American.
Guide two is a dude with Jesus sandals.

Guess which one Mrs Fulton got?

Anyways, the video.
MRS FULTON: You'll like the next bit Billy. There's naked girls in it.
BILLY: *Looks happy* ... Wait! Is it some disgusting over 50 ye....
Mrs Fulton looks insulted. Uh oh.
BILLY: I mean... an over 60... and Over 70 year old!!
MRS FULTON: You'll have to wait and see.

Over seventy year olds.
As suspected.

BILLY: That's just not right....
MRS FULTON: Not only do they have no clothes, but they've got no teeth either. 

Break consisted of photo taking.

Then the fire alarm went off, just after the bell, for around about three seconds.

So we were confused. That was a wimpy fire alarm. Do we still need to go out?
The whole of Kincorth were standing around in the playground, looking confused, flocking to Mrs Fulton for help.

In reality, she looks like this.

Minus the oversized pencil of course.

But in an emergency?
She looks more like this.

Took ten minutes to clear up everything.

There was a dude that came in a kilt. What a hilarious guy:
BOY: I've had to watch myself when I'm sitting down, or going upstairs, going downstairs, in the wind, I've got to watch out for drafts... I don't know how you girls cope.

Did a Maths extension...

That didn't go to well.

Then we all went to karaoke.

Possibly the funniest thing I have seen in...

This year. 

Possibly the funniest thing I have seen this year.

Was talking to Laura before it started, she's such a sweetie pie. It annoys me that I haven't spoken to her properly before two weeks ago. SERIOUSLY annoys me. Because I've just gotten to know her and then poof. She's gone. Away to the big bad world.

Anyways, we've decided that 5th and 6th years should have a pyjama day!!

Aww yeah.

Not like they can stop us, even if they wanted to.

Back to karaoke. 

Mr Hughson sang "Road to Amarillo"
Sophie and Mrs Haye sang "Hung up" 
Mr Moody and Ms Grubb sang "You're the one that I want"
Billy, Ms Duguid and Michelle sang "Grease Lightening"
Mrs Paterson, Mrs Fulton and Mrs Murray sang "You're beautiful"
And Mr Whyte, Mr *mumbles something* and Mr Strudwick sang "You raise me up".

And when I say Mr Moody "sang"...

I mean he mumbled stuff inaudibly beneath his breath and then shouted "IT'S ELECTRIFYING!!!"

*shakes head* This is what I have to put up with ^_^

Then there was a video... Kincorth does the Amarillo video. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. If Stuart puts it on youtube, I will blog the link!

Went to see Halle after that, she's been away in New Zealand for quite a whiley, so it's nice to have a quick catch up!!


I was lugging into a conversation... something about cinema's having night vision.
ME: *to Kelly* Do you think they can see in the dark?
KELLY: Who, cats? 
And then something else came up...
KELLY: *starts singing a song* Isn't that from a sausage advert?!
She sung that so many times in the one period, everyone was singing it by the end of it.

GAH!!! KELLY!!!!

Lauren xxx

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