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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hold on a minute... my Year head saw you naked?

Meet Squirtle, the awkward turtle.


Is Mrs Anderson ever on time?

No matters. 

Me and Lauren had a lovely chat. So it's cool.

Linzie was saying that her cousin met Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd in McDonalds. What happened?

As any normal fan would do, she asked her for her autograph.

What was there response?
"Oh my goooooood... Poor people. Ewww."

"Must... Cover mouth.
May. Get. DISEASE."
I am sorry, I get that if you are a celebrity in a small city, you will be getting a lot of attention. But seriously? No? Put them down bluntly if at all! Most celebrities just manage to grin and bear it!

Besides, GET OVER YOURSELF. You were in the final twelve of 2010's version of X Factor. Big celebrity. HUGE. 

Let's face it. It's hugely likely that they will be forgotten about by this time next year. So they should be nice to their fans while they still have 'em.

Abie lost her earring...

ABIE: Ms, can I go to P.E. five minutes from the end of the period. I've lost one of my earrings.
MRS DUNCAN: Ohh, you're never going to find it if it's in P.E... But you can go, IF you finish your work.
ABIE: *really sad face* Aww... 

I think I'm ill again *coughs*

I blame Kati for this.


No. That Skeleton isn't Kati... who is apparently a cat pedophile.

I was shocked by this too Kitty.

She was looking for skulls to draw (don't ask) so she looked in the box marked skulls (again, don't ask) and found a few Goats head...

So she picked one up, and a pile of dust came out.
KATI: Awww man, I'm going to get rabies now!
And now I feel like... BLEH!

More importantly though, my friend came out of the closest!

D'aaaw. D'AAAAW!

I am so proud of him. Society is much more accepting of differing sexualities now, but teenagers are mean to one another. Even straight people are made fun of for: Going out with the wrong person, going out with an ugly person, going out with a really pretty person, going out with too many people, not going out with enough people... It's like... Oh. My. God. Mind your own business. Do you have to hang with them? NO. So shut up!!

*shakes head*

Anyways, really proud of him, he seems so happy, which makes me happy!


Calum was off today, bless, he was actually ill this time, not just skivving ;)

And Sophie went over to see Danielle so it was just me and Dougal.

Oh. And some random first year...

He slept on my calculator after banging it.

Not banging it as in...




Mrs Murray came in and she was REALLY angry.
MRS MURRAY: Can I see Jinky for a moment.
MR HUGHES: Not just now, he's doing an exam....
MRS MURRAY: I don't care. NOW.

So, as normal teenagers do... we lug in.

First thing that happened when he came in the room?
EVERYONE: What happened?! 
JINKY: Danny Ross got naked in the 4th year common room. We were in the toilets and he just asked me "Do you think I should get naked?". I said "NO." But he did anyway. So he came out of the toilets totally naked *does impression of Danny standing happily naked, with his hands covering his... underparts*. He forgot that there was CCTV.
Yes. If you didn't guess already, my Year head saw one of the 6th years. Completely naked. Wow.
JINKY: Mrs Murray was wanting me to tell her who it was... but I said that I didn't know. So she screamed "You held the door open for him!" and said that she was going to exclude me if I didn't tell her who it was! 
*shrugs* Just your average day then?

Lauren xxx 

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