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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The highlight of my day was when the bus turned left.

I can't tell whether or not I'm being serious about that....

It was raining again this morning...

No. No-one ever treats the 
bad weather with such
enthusiasm here.

But I couldn't find my umberella (I swear it plays hide and seek with me) so I ended up under Sara's scarf with her.

Felt like conjoined twins with burkas on!

Mr Whyte went nuts at Sophie, she totally didn't deserve it.
MR WHYTE: And Jennifer Whitehead will be going to the Cheerleading world championships in Florida...
MR WHYTE: We didn't ask for the cheerleading now.
SOPHIE: Sorry, I had my pom-poms in my bag.
MR WHYTE: This is exactly the type of behaviour that we don't want in this....
Blah blah blah.

Jeezo dude, she was just having a giggle in the otherwise boring assembly! 
Was meant to have a maths study period.

But I had more important fish to fry.

No fish were harmed in the making of this

It was my English folio, which was pretty damn important and NEEDED to be handed in today if Mrs Fulton was to keep her sanity.

AND an essentially important psychology report.

Mr Hughes did not appreciate this.
MR HUGHES: Come on then Lauren, inside.
ME: I can't, I've got to print off my English folio.
MR HUGHES: *angry face* Good show Lauren.
Sarky sarky man....

We found a room so we could print off our essential documents (thank you Mrs Still) but we had to wait outside.
MR HUGHES: You would have done more in my class... Go log on.
ME: Uhhh....
MR HUGHES: Go on, log on!
ASHLEIGH: Tell him to shut up!
ME: I need help.
MR HUGHES: Go see her then.
ME: She's right there *points at Ashleigh*
I had to explain what I needed help with.... it was a disaster, I felt so stressed that I could have vomited on the spot... it wasn't a good morning for me. 
Hah. Did two questions! With NO help from Mr Hughes.

Actually, went the whole period without any help from Mr Hughes. Cause he went around the rest of the class but not me, Sophie or Calum.

Good show Mr Hughes... good show.


Ooooh god. I think I repressed it all.

I had a NAB, which NO-ONE revised for. So I think I got 4 out of 20....



 Changed to Advanced Higher English and Advanced Higher Art for next years subject choices.

Wooo! 9 proper periods a week? Yes please. 

5 of those being Art? YES.

Handed in my English folio to Mrs Fulton.
MRS FULTON: Ohhhh you are a star.
ME: How's the folios going?
MRS FULTON: *makes a grasping gesture at her chest, looks panicky. It wasn't going well*
Went for a walk after that. So boring.

I hate having 5th off. 


Kelly wasn't IN art, but her comment directly after it was hilarious.
ME: Why were you not in art?!
KELLY: I was finishing off my English folio, I had to do it or she would have raped my soul!!
C'mon guys, keep it in your pants. Do not rape people's souls.

The fire alarm went off at five past three.


Then Caitlin stepped in dog poo.

But how can you stay mad at that?!

So she wiped it on a tree.

What? Crap is natural. Tree's are natural. Goes hand in hand.

Had a pizza with my buds Jennifer and Michelle tonight.

Pizza? GORGEOUS. Had music related banter too.

It rocked.

Lauren xxx 

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