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Monday, 28 March 2011

*Girlish scream* It's One Direction!!



Well... Shall I tell you a little about my trek first?

Had to get signatures from just about every teacher cause of my choices...

Next year's subject look like:

Advanced Higher Art.
Advanced Higher Biology.
Higher French
(Possibly) Photography.


Was I high this morning?

I know Abie was!

Abie is going around, acting twenty times more hyper than usual (and she's usually pretty hyper!)

ME: What did you have for Breakfast this morning!?
ME: ... I think there was something on that softie... 
Mrs Fulton was telling us that she has now got Facebook.

Or, at least, was attempting to get Facebook.
MRS FULTON: My Son was asking me "Have you heard about..." and I realised that everyone knew about what she was up to apart from me, her own Mother! So I said "I'm going to get Facebook" and she replied "I'll just block you!!". She can have it her own way. But what a hassle it was! I had to make up a hotmail account, whatever that is, and then I forgot my password... *rolls eyes*

Linzie and Laura approve of Jay Imlach.

And why wouldn't you?

And they like my McFly photos. Job done.


Abie is getting really excited about her puppy... which is ADORABLE.

General rule: 
Anything involving puppies is by default adorable.

So she was getting a bit restless...

She made 50 cookies.

Even the Cookie monster would feel sickened
 by that number.

Went to town in the Afternoon with Halle and we saw a giant mob outside of Nando's...


So we looked a little closer.


So we went back and looked.

Still nothing.

So we went to Howard's storage world (don't ask) and overheard a conversation saying that the One Direction boys were there!

We walked back and stood in the crowd for a minute and, sure enough, we saw  them, tucked away, right in the back!

Heh. Awesome.

And I swear we walked by Aiden Grimshaw too...

He had awesome hair, a quirky fashion sense and red, geeky glasses? I swear that's him....

And then I bought a cookie.

Not just any cookie, A millie's smarties cookie!

Yeah. Today was awesome.

Lauren xxx

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