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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Forgetting memory: How ironic.


Last prelim. For Psychology.

Done today. Means I only had one class (SCORE)

I really wanted to do well in it though cause Dod gave us all a good luck message...
"Hope everything goes well with your Psychology Higher."
I love Dod as much as I possibly can before going into weird creepy mode and turning Dod into a bit of a pedophile.


I think that the prelim went okay. Will tell you for sure next week though. Think I failed the NAB in it but oh well... That's what resits are for.

Everyone else found it kind of difficult. Escpecially the memory section, which they were complaining about not being able to remember...

OOOOOH the irony.

Went down to the Hotbar with Scott, Sara and Lucas (shortly after getting stopped by Mrs Murray for the boys not wearing proper school uniform) and played some Pokemon (in Scott's case).

As said in my previous blog, Kincorth Academy is incredibly tolerant to geek culture. Playing pokemon excessively is not considered to be a bad thing.

Scott has played the game for FIFTY HOURS.

Which, in itself, is quite shocking, but remembering that the game has only been out for six days... 

Turns out, he can identify Pokemon by their noises now....


The first part of my free period was spent helping Kristina write up rotas for prefects in Mr Hughson's (Depute head) room.

We were interrupted though...
THIRD YEAR: I was dropped in a puddle.
Me and Kristina shoot eachother a look.
MR HUGHSON: Are you hurt?
THIRD YEAR: No, I'm freezing.
He goes to get changed.
ME: I haven't heard that one before.
MR HUGHSON: Believe it or not, I have. 
Went to art after that. Turns out that Kati turned up to do the psychology prelim... at the wrong school.


Cutest thing I've heard all day?
LAUREN: *Looks at Rachel's packet of "Cherry Bakewell tarts"* Oooh! I love the cherries.
RACHEL: I don't like the cherries.
LAUREN: They are the best bit!
RACHEL: I don't like the cherry but I like the bakewell.

Scariest thing I've heard all day?
ZOE: My dancing coach just texted me saying "I have something for you tonight".

Lauren xxx

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