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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Eating a crepe on pancake day...

Cause I'm mad!

If the plate was my Maths class....
And my thoughts were the caption....
Then I would be this crepe.

Today kind of sucked. Three buses drove past me today, one of them was a yellow bus, and caused Lewis to say:
The yellow bus drove past @ ohh well Lauren you were never meant for a yellow bus !! :) 
What a cutie! Haha, Michelle would always point out the yellow buses and say that they were designed for me.

I love my friends.


We had some girl come in from this homeless charity called the cyrenians.

She said the word "heartbreaking" quite a number of times, which Sara picked up upon and said (quite loudly) in the corridor...
SARA: Oh it was heartbreaking! That was heartbreaking! Is everything heartbreaking?!
She was standing about one metre away from her...



We were getting told a "classic" today, about the 2nd year who almost got strangled by a hoodie.
Don't be fooled by it's smiley face.
It's deadly.

The gas taps were on and one girl was complaining of feeling sick. What's the next thing that happened? She fainted. Then, her unconscious body slid down and her hood caught on a gas tap, she was suffocating.


Mrs Duncan asked some boy to unhook her, which he did, and then began to praise him:
MRS DUNCAN: It's good that you did that as soon as I told you to.
MRS DUNCAN: She was strangling... She could have died.
Oblivious young ones. 

Jason was displaying his political views to the class... Again.
ABIE: *Whispering* Shut up.
MILTON: I swear someone just whispered shut up!
Our class is one big family reaaaally.

Met Kelly at breaktime, what a kid that is.
KELLY: My Mum is orange!
ME: *confusion* That's... nice?
Turns out she meant that her Mum had a phone that uses the Orange network.

Orange Wednesdays! Aaaah.

We were talking about swallowing tablets too.
LEWIS: I used to pracise swallowing by practising on...
KELLY: PLEASE finish that sentence.
LEWIS: Tic tacs. 
Shake your tic tacs Lewis!!


I wish I would do something in art...

It's getting me down! I'm making no progress.

Talked to Kristina and Kelly for the whole two hours, so I was happy!

Want to see TK Maxx's mascot?


Lunch was boring. As always.

I wish we could just fast-forward it to make the day go faster!

Lewis got a half eaten sweet chucked off of him...

All together now.

LEWIS: Feels as though I've got rabies....


Maths can go and die painfully, in a hole.
This is what my answers are like in Maths.

I swear, the only good thing about Maths is Calum, Sophie and Dougal.

Even if Calum and Sophie "fell out".

Calum refused to make eye contact with Sophie so what did she do?

WHACK. Right on the back of the head!

But other than that? Hatred towards the course, even if we've finished it.

I don't know, I just feel so stupid. Can't do Maths. At all. Just want to go into foetal position and cry in that bloody class.

Doesn't help that Mr Hughes thinks I can do it. I can't.

I miss Halle.

Sorry, that was random, but she's gone!

Away to New Zealand to compete in the World championships for TKD!! I'm so excited for her!! But still, miss her like crazy :(

How was everyone else's day?

Lauren xxx

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