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Monday, 21 March 2011


Finally! Spring has arrived!

Little birdies are chirping happily, the sun is up before I am (though, that's not THAT hard to accomplish...) and the weather gets warmer.


Read to the end of MacBeth.

Speak about an anti-climax.


Had to go see Mrs Anderson about choice forms today.

So I've got to get signatures from EVERYBODY!

Need a signature from Mrs Gray to do French, a signature from my Mum to put down Photography as a choice, a signature from Mr McDonald to do Advanced Higher Art...

*sigh* Nothing is straightforward. Is it?

I came back from my meeting and walk into the classroom.... turns out, they were all singing nursery rhymes and talking about sesame street.

Kermit is not the same as...
Elmo and deep down, you know it.


I love Sesame Street. I've always loved Sesame Street. I used to run home from school every Lunchtime in order to watch it. Nothing beats it when it comes to felt puppets. NOTHING.

Went into town after that, I'm not going to lie, I was looking out for The Script.

Oh you Irish Hunk.

Turns out, they are still down in Glasgow.


Ahh well, I get to see them tomorrow! It's all good!

Lauren xxx

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