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Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's day (A.K.A Cash for Companies day)

I hate Valentine's day as much as this 
dog does.

I'm all for love and shiz like that but COME ON...

Are you really going to let Clinton's tell you that there's a special day for loving someone?!

Hear that noise?
That's the noise of Card shops cashing in.

Yeah. Screw that.

Valentine's day was created to make card shops money.

You want to know which other companies cash in on the 14th February?!

 (for their flowers)

And last, but in no means least...

It's the natural progression of things. 

Flowers + Chocolates + Movie = Sexy time.

Is nice!!

But, hey, for all you lovers out there, who are actually determined to love your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Fiancée/Husband/Wife/Partner, I say congratulations!

You have someone to love and you are wanting to love them and make them happy. That's a gift in itself and no cheap card and box of chocolates can replace that. Hold on to them and consider yourself lucky that you have someone to hold on to.

But please... Don't feel compelled to love someone on a certain day, especially if it's a card shop that's telling you to do so. Love someone 365 days a year or not at all... don't be stupid and forget to say "I love you" for the other 364 days. They deserve better than that.

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Lauren xxx


  1. If you love someone, everyday is Valentine's day. :)

  2. So true, so true! There shouldn't be a set day to love someone! xx