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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tweet, update, post, snap, scream, shout, whisper, SAY SOMETHING.

I hate the internet.

Okay. That's a huge lie, I love the vastness of it, the immense load of information, the power of connectivity... I love it.

But, That being said, the internet can make a lot of people nervous, just as I am now.

I'm worried about her. 

I've wrote about her before. Mia. I think her name is Mia...

One of the 6 billion strangers on the planet that I have never met before in my life, and am highly likely to never meet in my life, but I feel responsible in some way for the girl's safety...

Aren't we all? If you are connected to someone online, isn't that, in some respects, like being connected in "real life"? Mia is going through heavy problems right now... Eating disorders, self harm, suicidal tendencies, and (I'm sure some people will care to disagree but if that's the case, keep your opinions to yourself) bravely blogs about them for the world to see.

That takes courage. I wish I could talk that openly about my problems to my friends... let alone the world.

She hasn't updated her blog since the 14th of December last year... 
"I try to run and escape it but my feet are trapped in the quicksand. The quicksand that is dragging me down deeper and deeper untill there is no oxygen left in my lungs and no spark left in my mind."
She's tried to kill herself before... It's upsetting to see someone that seems so sweet and talented suffer in such a terrible way. I wish she'd get help.

Well... she got help actually. She has a psychiatrist, she's been in a mental institution, she's tried self control... None of it seems to work.

So I don't wish that she'd get help. I wish that she'd get better.

And I wish she would update that blog before I get sick with worry....

Reminds me a lot of Andrew's play for Advanced Higher art. A girl who blogged about her struggles with Anorexia. And the anorexic, male reader who used her as his inspiration, constantly waiting for a reply... constantly getting no response.

I hope that this girl hasn't met the same fate as the one in the play....

Is it our responsibility to help this girl? We read others blogs, tweets, status updates, tumblr updates, formspring questions, emails, texts and speak to eachother on MSN. But if you see someone who is clearly suffering, what do you do to help? Do you do ANYTHING to help?

Because it appears that most people choose to ignore them. Even if all they are needing is the knowledge that one person, one person out of six billion gives a damn.

Who knew, that in this age of constant interaction, one person could be so alone?

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