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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my house.

Under House arrest.

Don't worry. I'm not sporting ankle bling.

Not grounded either. I've put myself under house arrest in the hope that I will shake myself out of procrastination and revise.

So far, this has NOT been the case.

Watched a bit of "Infernal Affairs" though, which is the Asian movie that inspired "The Departed".

I recommend watching "Infernal Affairs" rather than "The Departed". Especially for the ending.

SPOILER ALERT!! Highlight to read!

"The Departed" ended with everyone getting shot. Everyone. Costello? Dead. Costigan? Dead. Sullivan? Dead. All in such a short space of time. Just repeatedly gunned down in a rushed frenzy of brutality. I was appalled with this ending. I wouldn't have minded it if it made some god damn sense! But Sullivan's death was pathetically executed (He accepted his death by saying "Okay". That's it.) and was similar to "Infernal Affairs" alternative ending, in a more violent, permanent way.

You see, "Infernal Affairs" ended with Yan being shot by Inspector B, after confronting his enemy Ming and taking him hostage. Ming shot Inspector B in the elevator once he learnt that he too was a mole, as he wanted to erase everything from his shady past so he could start anew. Brilliant, meaningful ending. Unlike "The Departed".

"Infernal Affairs" alternative ending was created because the Chinese Government wanted to see Ming pay for his crimes. So he was arrested. "The Departed" shot Sullivan to make him pay for his crimes. *shakes head* You expect more from someone like Scorsese.

The characters in "The Departed" are all so one dimensional too. Sullivan is evil and Costigan is good. Simple as. There's no crossing over. There is just good and evil. And that's why "Infernal Affairs" is a more complex film. It's characters aren't just solely good or evil, they possess both good and evil in them. They are villians with a streak of humanity and conflicted heroes at the same time. Fantastic.

Other than that, today has been very boring. Listening to music and playing some Mario

I hope to one day find Mario in real life...
And get him to fix my pipes.
No euphemism intended.

Lauren xxx

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