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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Puerto Rico

It's official guys. I'm moving to Puerto Rico.

Hello sun!! Good morning sand. Whaaat up palm trees?
Here's looking at you clouds!

Naaaaah. I lie.

I'll get onto why this post is called Puerto Rico in a second.

Went to the cinema with my bud Michelle today, don't get to see her that often now she left school, but I always have a good time when I do see her.

So we went to town, started talking about foreign languages.

How do you say I love you in different languages?
MICHELLE: *singing* Te amo, Te amo... What does that even mean?
ME: I love you in Spanish.
MICHELLE: Oooh. What do you say for I love you in Japanese? Mi ching wah?
ME: *shakes head* Uhh... No.
MICHELLE: What about Italian? Isn't it Puerto Rico. 
ME: That's a country hun.
Went into Cineworld though, only ten people in our screening of "The Fighter". It was insane!

There's an advert on, before the film...

Well! It was hardly going to be in the film, was it?

Oh... Right.


I can't remember what it was for... I think it was just for the cinema-going experience. It was just people over-reacting to a movie.

In slow motion.

Because everything is better in slow motion.
Cause the thing you REALLY want when you're drowning is a slow running, sexy lifeguard.

It was ridiculous though, the faces were like:

Whatever dude. NO-ONE REACTS LIKE THAT!!

Reviewed "The Fighter". Good movie.

Went to Frankie and Benny's afterwards, attempting to cut through that pizza was insane! It was like 2nd year woodwork all over again...

And THAT was a whale of a fail.

I was meant to make a spatula, but instead, I made a fish slice spatula spoon.  I called it the Fish spatoon.

Which I then changed because It sounded like a spitoon for fish.



Do fish even spit?!

Lauren xxx

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