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Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscar Winners

For a movie geek, Oscar night marks the final exam. Only the best of the best can survive... or well... win I suppose.

To win an oscar is every actors dream, but let me tell you, it's every film-makers dream too.

What I wouldn't do to get an oscar... my own oscar. Not one stolen from "The King's Speech".

Although, I doubt they'd miss ONE award...

By the way, the opening Montage with James Franco and Anne Hathaway was FANTASTIC!

Miss it? You missed out!

Here's a handy little at a glance guide. Check out what you're favourite movie won! 

King's Speech

Best picture

Actor in a leading role (Colin Firth)

Directing (Tom Hooper)

Writing (Original Screenplay)

The Fighter

Actor in a supporting role (Christian Bale)

Actress in a supporting role (Melissa Leo)

Black Swan

Actress in a leading role (Natalie Portman)

The Social Network

Film Editing

Music (Original Score)

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)



Sound Editing

Sound Mixing

Visual Effects

Alice in Wonderland
Art Direction

Costume Design

Toy Story 3
Animated Feature Film

Music (Original Song) for "We Belong together"

Inside Job

Documentary feature

Strangers No More

Documentary short subject

In a better world

Foreign Language film

The Wolfman


The Lost Thing

Short film (Animated)

God of Love

Short Film (Live Action)

Meh. The Academy did a pretty good job this year... just one or two issues.

My major issue is with Nolan.

Where is his nomination for best director?! He has been one of the most consistent directors of the past decade. Have you not seen "The Prestige"? "Batman Begins"? "The Dark Knight"?! What about "Inception"? Because I would really like you to point out the flaws of that movie to me. How can a film be up for "Best Picture" without great directing? How can a movie be in IMDB's top ten without great directing?!

But no. Tom Hooper won.

*rolls eyes*

At least give it to Aronofsky.

Acting wins were spot on. Firth was pure perfection as the stuttering King, and Portman was unrecognisable from other roles in "Black Swan". Bale in "The Fighter"? WOW.

The writing awards was the ones I had most problem with... "King's speech" was based on a true story, so why should it win Bes original screenplay? Black Swan should have been nominated, for the ending if nothing else. Inception should have won though, that was a work of art, pure creativity and dedication in a script. 

Overall, those are the only two things I have problems with, directing and screenplay. But that's just my opinion. What do I know? I'm just a movie geek.

What did you all think?

Lauren xxx

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