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Monday, 7 February 2011

The only thing that is wrong with that child is having a mother like you!

Started the day off right, toasted bagel and Philadelphia. Mmmm hmm!

Awww yeah.

Had a long conversation on the bus with Paul and Ashleigh.

About flying cars, Harry Potter, and how Paul looks like Stephen Fry.

National treasure.

OH! Giant Gummy Bears was the other conversation. 
24cm big.
2KG heavy.
6,000 calories!


Who ever made it look like a police line up is a legend.

Was given £15 by my redgy teacher today too! BOO YAH.

All in all, looked like it was going to be a great day.


Even English wasn't too bad today.

Got a spelling test though...

A spelling test?! I'm doing Higher English, I am almost 17 years old and I got a freaking spelling test. What is the world coming to?
KATIE: *looks outside* Awwwwwww... It's snowing.
Everyone looks to window.
MRS FULTON: So it is. 
We learnt about Mrs Fulton's friend "Brenda"...
MRS FULTON: I have a friend called Brenda, but we all call her Basically Brenda because she always says Basically... "Well basically this happened and basically that happened."
Hilarious after that though, we got onto the conversation of whether or not smacking children is an effective way of disciplining.

Mrs Fulton told us of a story.
MRS FULTON: I took my Daughter to see the Panto when she was three, what a mistake. She thought that it would be like Disney's "Aladdin" but it wasn't Disney so she was bored from the word go. She was fidgeting and moving around in her seat, and I could feel all these parent's eyes fixed on me, and you could hear what they were thinking "My Child's so well behaved" and "Sort that child out!". A mixture of self-pity and justice. So I told her "Sit still or you're going to get a scalp during the break." Well, she was even worse than before! So I had to carry it through, went to the toilets and gave her a hot bottom, not hard like, came out and this woman muttered "The only thing wrong with that child is having a mother like you..."
The class gasps. 
MEGAN: I would have punched her!
MRS FULTON: Believe me, If I was a tink, I would have gave her a dentists bill worth writing home about! I didn't. But I gave her a right earful. She was one of those types, you know, floral skirts and Jesus Sandals. I learnt my lesson then. I've never been back to the Panto since.
BILLY: I remember this one time, down in Asda, where this little boy was in the toys section with his Mum and she gave him a right whack on the arse.
MRS FULTON: Oh, but he wouldn't have felt it!
BILLY: Believe me, he felt it, he could hardly walk after that.
Had a muffin in break. Quickly realized it was the muffins that tasted like a solid version of Butterscotch angel delight.



Discovered that I am in love with Abie's laugh! So infectious, she's one of those people who you just love to be around, bless.

Too much love? Maybe that's because she's a Valentine's day baby! So Kyle has to buy her a Birthday present AND a Valentine's one. Lucky Abie! Unlucky Kyle ;)

Then again, they have eachother, and I'm not being all sappy or overexaggerating when I say they are basically the walking, talking definition of love. 

They are so cute together.

Cuter than this.
THAT cute.

Oooh. Let me reposition. I'm sitting in front of a heater and my head is burning up.


Yeah. That's better.

We were having a debate over what is considered a reflex and what is considered to have been learned.

Like walking is technically a reflex... but Babies can't walk.
DR ROBERTSON: You can stand a baby up, but as soon as you let go... *does falling flat on face motion with his hands*
MR WHYTE: But he's obviously not recommending that you do that!
Isn't that a gameshow in Japan?

 What else happened?!

Oh! We came out of Biology and the ground was covered in Slush Puppy.

Okay. Not COLOURED Slush Puppy but it was covered in a transparent slush puppy like liquid.
ABIE: The Janitor should get a pooper scooper and clean this up!

Hope everyone's having a happy Monday!

Lauren xxx

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