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Monday, 28 February 2011

... Ms Fulton say what now?

Oh pleasant surprises, how I love you.

Today was probably the best Monday of the year so far.

For a few reasons:

1. It was sunny. AGAIN. Did Mother Nature get Aberdeen mixed up with the Bahamas?!

2. I was in a good mood. I like being in a good mood.

3. I was actually on time to get to the bus stop. That's nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks Jesus!

Got on the bus today, put my money in for an all day ticket, the bus driver punched the ticket machine several times and said that he'd try to get me my ticket.

Get on bus, have a little chat, yaddah yaddah yaddah, what happens when I get off?

He gives me a bit of paper with "Child First Day" written on it.

Yeah. Because that doesn't make it look like a fake at all.


Let the pleasant surprises commence!

We got our marks back from the prelim. 

*drum roll*

I got an A.

That's what I was like Whoopi.

God knows how that happened.

Told you, the pikachu shaped milk on the night before the Prelim was a sign from God!

Jesus can keep his wine!

Even more amazing?

Part of my essay was actually used as an example.
"Yet, the woman's forgiveness is conditional. She does not want these cruelties, these acts of pure evil and inhumanity, to be forgotten. She reminds us "Only a matter of days separate this from acts of torture now". And it's true. Without the painful reminder of the death and destruction that previous generations once felt, we would not learn from our mistakes and history would repeat itself. That's why Duffy has written this poem in such a memorable blunt manner. To ensure that the ignorant minds of today do not forget the pain and suffering once felt by previous generations and to carve the awful images of rape, torture and murder into the reader's brain, so the same mistakes do not occur again."
Shiz. I'm pretty sure that's an entire paragraph....

Ms Fulton just spent the double period going over the questions, cause so many of us chose the wrong question for the task, or didn't answer it properly.

She told us about the worst essay she'd ever had to mark, it failed on the first sentence alone...
MS FULTON: "Macbeath" by Shak-es-pair was a play... Macbeath was hair to the throne of England.
One: MacBeth you numptie! Not Macbeath!
Two: Shak-es-pair?! Try Shakespeare on for size.
Three: Hair. HAIR? Heir.
Four: He wasn't heir to the throne of England. 
Five: Even if he was heir to the throne of a country (he wasn't), it would be Scotland.



Got the results back for that too.

56%. Which is a C. Not going to lie, I'm disappointed with that.

I'm glad I passed, but I was aiming for an A. Not like I need an A, I just want one.

I know I can do better, hopefully this will just drive me to work harder...

*Looks at clock. Sees it's 21.04. Looks at computer. Sees she's watching new "Born This Way" video.*

Doesn't look like that's happening.

Just had a laugh about some of my answers with Abie, Claire and Linzie, I made up an enzyme...

Mylase. Completely made up.

Went home after that, to get ready to go into town and do a photo shoot.

Went to a little sweet shop called Wowzies. It's amazing, it's the closest you can get to Willy Wonka's without making it up and travelling there yourself (which, let's face it, would be quite a hassle).

Got some Skittles, Crazy cores.

Pretty fine! And they have BLUE skittles in that packet. All I'm saying, is how can you say "Taste the rainbow" when you don't have blue?!

Thought we wouldn't notice eh, Skittle company?


Legs are thoroughly dead now, went walking all over the town.

Photography is a good hobby to have if you want to get active.

Sorry, keep zoning out. Cause I bought Jessie J's new album "Who You Are" in town too.

Haha, just realised that I'm promoting quite a lot in this post...

It's really good though. And love the photograph on the inside of the cover!

Gah. Can't find it online.

It made me have a warm fuzzy feeling that I usually only get when eating chocolate. Yes Jessie, you are better than chocolate.

Can't decide which pictures to put up from my little shoot today...

Eenie meanie miny mo.

(Just note that I almost died many a times today getting these pics. Who knew roads were so dangerous at rush hour?)

If tomorrow is as good a day as today, I may just die with happiness.

Hope you're all having a good start to the week!

Lauren xxx

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