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Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm such a talented artist, I can transform flowers into an Egyptian Thistle.

What's happening guys and gals?

Had a pretty awesome day! Will try to tell you all about it before I collapse with exhaustion and a splitting headache!

First up, my Godmother was on TV today.

No worries! No worries! She didn't do anything wrong!

Unless going to support my Local football team is deemed a crime...


Okay... It MIGHT be deemed a crime. But nothing heals relegation fears than a bit of local pride.

Looks much better quality if you click the image.
She's the one in the black coat.
That's my godmother. In a magic box!
So proud.

Went out for Lunch with my Mum and Dad, then we all went to Waterstone's to get my copy of MacBeth for English...

Came out with £52 worth of books...


One of them was "Teach yourself Film making", which is now my bedside material. Good book so far! Recommend it.

Went round to Megan's after that, which is good because I hardly get to see her now... Stupid timetables.

We were looking for some good munch, so she whapped out a mango and I took one look at it and said:
ME: What the **** is that?
MEGAN: A mango? 
I don't eat a lot of fruit.

Mango = Good.

Megan liked the mango TOO much and ended up having a little bit of a foodgasm.

A few hours later, Megan's Mum was eating some crisps and began to have a foodgasm too.

Must be a Stewart thing.

Also, we ate some Stewie Melon

Identical twins.

Haha, I swear, that girl tried to kill me today! We were up in her attic and I hit my head and almost fell down a ladder!

Might as well have been in one of the "Saw" films.

We were painting though... Ooft.

Megan's like, a pro artist. And she's just self taught.

In the space of a year or so, she's became so good, she's by passing Standard Grade, Int 1, Int 2 AND Higher Art and going straight onto a 2 year Advanced Higher.


I swear, I know some extremely talented people.

I hadn't a clue what I was going to paint... So Megan turned me towards the Bob Ross videos...


He's adorable. And an amazing artist.

Even if he had a severe addiction to trees.

Seriously, give the dude some methadone bark.

Tried drawing these...

And... SOMEHOW... ended up with this.

It looks like a thistle with a kilt and punk rocker hair crying in the woods...

Megan is going to hang it up in her room...

OR She's going to put it into Blue peter, saying her ten year old sister drew it and try winning us a badge.

Megan's painting hasn't got that far yet, but it's looking good.

Little Monet.

Megan's Mum is apparantly epic at drawing boobs. So if you want a pair drawn for you... You know who to ask.

Right. Should probably get to bed... MIGHT be going on a shoot tomorrow with Kristina!

Lauren out xxx

P.S. Just remembered, Maths prelim results are still looking shockingly bad... Some people scored ZERO. Eeek.

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