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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aw naw man!

Scottish accents.

They are everywhere these days.

Well... if there's a place to find lots of Scottish accents... I suppose it is Scotland.

Awwwwk, National Pride!


I was simply not in the mood today.

Even worse? We had this really annoying man talking to us about money.

At nine o'clock in the morning, you should consider yourself lucky if you have twenty teenagers in a room. If you ask for twenty awake teenagers in a room? Well... quite frankly, you are asking for a miracle.

In that case, Fonzie Jesus is your man.

But he was asking for a miracle.

Think a few people fell asleep. Constant rambling about wonga.com (DON'T use that site! APR is at 2000% +!) and how we are all "Parent Puppies" who are dependant on our parents.

Such a long period.


Did some work (SHOCK HORROR!)

Mrs Murray chased up Milton, Milton was kind of cheeky to her.

If you don't understand why this is an important comment to make, Mrs Murray is like this:

A ghost (not a man in a bed sheet)
She's everywhere and knows everything and
sometimes she can be a bit scary.

So she almost erupted when Milton was a bit cheeky to her. But she didn't. Danger levels were not reached.

Abie was worrying a little over starting work at Pittodrie tonight. Bless her.

Kelly almost made me puke with laughter at Break.

She was talking so fast, she sounded like Sonic the hedgehog on crack.

Between the burst of giggling and the rate of speech at which a human can actually understand, I made out something about MacDuff aquarium, a jelly fish and an illuminous fish.

Sorry. Illooooooooooominous.

WORD OF THE DAY: Illuminious 

She's so chuffed with her photo of a jelly fish. It's freaking adorable.


AGAIN... I did work!

Okay, if scanning in a piece of paper and editing the colours is "work" then yes, I did work!

Kelly's globe is looking pretty damn awesome. I was modelling it for her.
KELLY: Mr McDonald! How's that? *shows him me, holding her globe fascinator to my head*
MR MCDONALD: Not great, you can still see her face!
BURN!! Haha!
KELLY: Oooh! That's mean!
MR MCDONALD: She's holding the globe to her head, isn't that a design flaw?
 HUGE discussion about Kids TV shows took place.

Kelly assures us that there was a show, featuring a purple bear with yellow spots on his arms and a yellow belly?

Know what she's speaking about? Please, get in touch!

Kristina has her college interview tomorrow, bless, hope she gets on good!

Was in the mood for korma at lunch. I could have skipped the queue, but I waited with Penny and Sam instead.

Good banter! 

But I didn't get any Korma.
SAM: That's korma for you!
Oh dear Lord.

Did a game of "dirty" Chinese whispers at lunch, adding on a word each time it gets passed on.

Ended up with:
(Two people who will not be named) hate anal but love oral.
Megan's doing, obviously.

Megan totally went Braveheart on us!


She slipped into a really heavy Scottish accent.
MEGAN: Righ', who threw that, yah wee bastards!!
This continued.

For the whole of Lunch.

God damn it, I love that kid.


We were "Brain storming"

Yeah. More like Brain drizzle.

Even worse? He's tagged me as a "dark horse."

Now I need to ace this prelim!!

Dougal's going to come out top of our class though, the kid's a genius.
ME: If I had Dougal's brain, I'd take over the world...
I'm just being truthful.

Sophie thought that Mr Hughes was undressing.... He was only putting on his tie, don't worry. My School doesn't have another paedophile!

Oh... bad times on the bus. I kind of headbutted Keith Littlejohn.

It was because I was pushed by Sara, who was pushed by some child.

Yeah, me and Sara are calling everyone younger than us "children" now.


I also figured out that my "Gangsta" is worst thing ever.
 ME: I'll be layin' into yah wi' mah gangsta buddies.

Let's just stick to nerdisms Lauren.

Lauren xxx

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